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Real Estate Resolutions: My 8 Year Old Did It – So Does Everyone Else

Real Estate Marketing IdeasHappy holidays and Merry Christmas, while I am on it – Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza,- happy – whatever it is you celebrate during this time of the year. If you are like me, you are finally beginning to recover from the calorie intoxication I subjected myself to on Christmas Eve and Day – I feel so slooooooooooooow. As I am apologizing to my body – because it is obviously pissed at me – I am already thinking about the new year. That means Real Estate Resolutions.

Resolutions are funny, we always pick something drastic and lose sight of the baby steps it often takes to get there. Ask someone you know and they will likely say they want to lose weight, push a little harder and you will hear something drastic like 25lbs. Do you know anyone that smokes? Chances are their resolution is to quit. Those are 2 of the biggest resolutions – for you are a consumer. But – if you are a real estate agent your real estate resolution might be a little different, it might look like this:


Real Estate Resolutions

  • Learn a new way to do business
  • Cut my costs
  • Get organized
  • Make more money
  • Better Follow-up or through
  • Work Less
  • Work More
  • Learn online marketing
  • Learn video marketing
  • Work with more buyers
  • Work with more sellers
  • Just plain old – work more

Many real estate professionals will add the real estate resolution of growing their real estate business in 2012. But How? There are so many ways to grow your real estate business – which one is best? Honestly – I don’t know. I think there is a bunch of little things that all come together to produce a successful REALTOR® or real estate business. It’s not just one thing.

Real Estate Resolutions – Marketing

It’s not just pop bye’s and direct mail but its also sphere of influence marketing. It’s not just Google Ad Words but Craig’sList and Facebook Ads as well. It’s not just WordPress and HyperLocal Real Estate Content but Video marketing too. For an increasing number of real estate agents – it’s all of them. But for most real estate agents, getting or closing a deal starts or ends with consumer research. When it comes to a real estate marketing plan, business as usual doesn’t really apply anymore. Let me explain.

Let’s jump in my time machine. We are going to travel back – from today, December 27th 2011 to 2 weeks before Christmas, Saturday December 10th 2011. I’m going to tell you a story…….

It’s a Saturday. I’m at home. My wife is stressed about the holidays, who is coming over, who is not, is there enough chairs – what about tables? Is there enough of those? Evidently – everyone has to have a designated seat – news to me. As my wife is freaking out about the 32 people that will be jointing us on Christmas Eve – YES, I did say 32 – I look to my right – my 8 year old daughter Gabriella is playing on my iPad.

I look over at her and I say….. “so, what do you think Santa will be bringing you for Christmas Gabriella?” She looks me,  rather -through me – and says “I don’t know” and returns to YouTube. “Well, have you been naughty or nice?” I say.  Now- let me tell you, I feel like a total NERD when I am saying this, I honestly can remember my father saying the same kind of stuff to me, only I was forced to listen to it because I DIDN’T HAVE MY FATHERS IPAD 2 TO BURRY MY NOSE INTO!

This wasn’t the first time I had asked her about Santa, or should I say “threatened her” with Santa. Whenever Gabriella hits her 2 year old brother I promptly yell - “you are moving closer to Santa’s naughty list young lady!”

I know – shoot me now right…..

To which Gabriella would immediately role her eyes and moan “Dad……it’s not me, it’s Alejandro, he is trying to bite me!” Kids… The following day, Sunday, she is at it again. Fighting with her brother and again commandeering my iPad. I start in with the Santa talk again… “Santa this, Santa that”. Now, I don’t know if you know this but evidently, 8 year old girls can be a little rebellious, they {from what I am told} know it all. As I continue to talk about Santa, she looks at me  and as she is cradling my iPad she says “Dad, can I show you something?”

“Yes, what?”  I say. I’m thinking its another Justin Bieber video, or talking dog. Maybe a farting baby. It’s not.



“Whaaaaaaat?” I say, “that’s not real, where did you find that?” YouTube. she says. “Dad, I know Santa is not real, I now it’s you and mom”. Now I am at a crossroads. Do I fib, and tell her HE IS REAL! or do I own up to it? It gets better…

Real Estate Resolutions – Online Presence

As I am about to probe how much my little genus knows about Old Saint Nick, she says “I knew last year”. How? I asked. “Dad… I Google’d it”. A few things struck me in that moment. One. All of these Santa threats meant nothing. Two. I am so busted. Three. My 8 year old daughter had a question about something and asked Google. Not her friend, not the TV or the radio, not the newspaper, postcard, flyer, billboard – she had a problem and she asked Google..

It took me 11 years to realize old St Nick was a phony – one day I realized Santa and my mom had the same handwriting – they even had the same wrapping paper. 11 years! Took my 8 year old, 7 years, no thought or critical thinking involved, she simply asked Google and YouTube a question. RIP Santa :-(

It turns out, it’s not just 8 year olds with iPads that are are asking search engines like Google and YouTube questions. It’s your past, present and future clients as well. This is where 94% of them will go when they are looking for for information or to solve a problem. Short-Sale-Help-In-Arizona, Homes-For-Sale-Near-Chandler-Regional-Hospital, 4-Bedroom-Homes-Under-200,000-Mesa-AZ is what they will look for.

Regardless of what kind of real estate resolutions  you plan to explore in 2012, don’t forget or rather neglect the online marketing, the online reputation. Even if someone finds your postcard, flyer, pumpkin, newsletter whatever it may be – most of them will look for you or to validate you – online. What will they find? {if anything} Will they find some boring, stock template website – your arms folded, leaning on a sold sign, grinning from ear to ear, {that is all about YOU} or will they find professional articles and video’s created by you, about the short sale process in Arizona, subdivisions, neighborhood profiles, interviews, etc. {that is all about THEM}

Will they find you? If you are an Arizona REALTOR®, fill out the form below. Let’s talk about your Real Estate Resolutions








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