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Real Estate Videos You Don’t Have To Be In: Google Search Stories

Real estate marketing videos

Real Estate Video's You Don't Have To Be In

Today I am starting another series called “Real Estate Videos You Don’t Have To Be In”. This series will focus on – well, videos you don’t have to be in. I love real estate marketing with video. I think it says so much more than traditional real estate mediums [email, print, postcards, flyers, pens pads, shopping carts, billboards etc] ever could. There are many benefits of real estate marketing with video. Still, many REALTORSĀ® I speak with are [for whatever reason] intimidated by video.

When I say “you should try video marketing”, most REALTORS assume I am talking about them plopping down in front of a video camera with bright lights and makeup and talking. When I think of doing video like this, in intimidates me too. This is not the way real estate video’s need to be made. You can make a real estate video and not be in it. Seriously. So in this series, starting today, I will be covering ways you can make video’s of value, videos for your website or to be found by your ideal client online that you don’t have to be in. The first real estate video you don’t have to be in: Search Stories.

Search Stories: Tell Your Story Visually

I like stories. I use them a lot when I write. I find that people respond better to stories than some verbal vomiting of information. Stories are interesting, stories can be fun, stories can be used to convey value and stories can keep your audience engaged. And when it comes to marketing, an engaged consumer is one that is more likely to do business – with you. Google’s Search Stories are a great way to tell your story [or part of it] using Google Search.

Let’s say I wanted to show a REALTORĀ® that I could help them grow their business. One of the fastest ways to grow your real estate business is to know HOW TO get found online – with tools like WordPress, Video, Twitter, etc. REALTORS are used to HEARING a title rep say “I want to help you build your business” BUT they are not used to SEEING a title rep building their own business using these same real estate marketing mediums. To demonstrate my competency, I might just send him/her this:

In my opinion the best marketing is visual. This is especially true in real estate marketing. And when it comes to visual marketing, video is my preference.

Search Stories: The HOW TO

Go To: YouTube’s Search Stories Video Creator

It looks like this:

Google Search Stories

Enter Your Search Terms:

Enter Search Terms

Pick Your Music

Pick Your Music

Title Your Story/Add Description/Publish To YouTube

Title and describe your story
There you have it. You just made a real estate video and you didn’t even have to be in it. Look for more examples of real estate videos you don’t have to be in coming soon.

***NOTE: You Must Already Rank For Keywords & Keyword Phrases Within Google To Have Them Show Up In Your Search Story***

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