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Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

Show Me Your Screen!

The other day I was talking to an Arizona REALTOR® about technology. In my new capacity as the Director Of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title, I deal a lot with technology. Not just technology but sales technology – technology tools that can be used for the benefit of real estate sales.

There are a lot of them. Let’s see, there is WordPress, HootSuite, YouTube, GetFoundIDX, Camtasia, ScreenFlow, Jing, Twitter, Linkedin, Evernote, final cut X and on and on and on. In this post I want to talk about Skype, specifically the benefits of Skype in Real Estate.

What Is Skype?

Skype is a software that allows users to make calls or video calls on the Internet – for FREE. It works on various platforms – PC, Mac, Linux, etc You simply download the software from set up your profile and you are ready to rock. Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 Billion, {yes that’s Billion with a B} in May of 2011.

I remember the first time I heard of Skype. Video calls? Really? Who wants to make video calls? That was how I thought of Skype – today I use Skype every day, in fact I am on it more than the phone. There are many benefits of Skype for Real Estate. Skype can be used in many ways, not only to make video calls but to advance the sales process. Back to my client – the Arizona REALTOR®. She was having a problem with her WordPress real estate website. She was trying to load a new plugin and it wasn’t working. I asked her: “Did you activate it?”

“Yes” she said.

“OK, go to settings and configure the plugin”. I said

“Where is settings?” she asked.

“It’s to the left, you may have it collapsed but it’s right there – can you see it? ” I asked

“No”, she said.

“OK, call me on Skype so I can see your screen”.

“Huh?” she said.

“I want to see your screen. Are you on Skype?” I asked

“No”. she said.

“Well you should be, I said here are the benefits of Skype In Real Estate”.

Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

Video Calls. Real estate is a contact sport, I will go one further and say it is a relationship sport too. Not like BFF relationship {OMG} but consumers need to feel comfortable with you, they at some point need to like and trust you representing them in what is likely the largest financial decision they will make. Many consumers are finding their real estate agents on the Internet, using Skype can help you start and build a relationship, where a phone call may not. You can see them, they can see you – your body language and your sincerity.

Screen Sharing. This is my favorite feature of Skype. Screen sharing allows you to share your screen [what you are looking at] with someone else – your client. We have a lot of short sales here in AZ, there are short sale addendum’s and forms that many buyers and sellers are not familiar with. Rather that introducing them at the moment of the contract or listing, explain them over Skype well in advance. Doing so will also show your competency and value – without you having to say how great you are!

Interviews. You have a real estate license, but that real estate license does not cover certain things. For instance, you cant give legal or tax advise, you can’t tell someone HOW TO take title. These are areas better left to the experts in their respective fields, lawyers, CPA’s and escrow officers. You can use tools like Skype Recorder to interview these experts, where you are asking the experts the most common questions your clients ask you. This video becomes content for your website or a link you can send to a buyer that asked you something outside the scope of your real estate license. Even better – it shows how competent you are and is a great marketing piece you can use to get found online. Here are a few Skype Interviews I conducted with two legends in their field’s Keven Hardin with Arboleda Brechner where we discuss Phoenix Short Sale and Bankruptcy and Scott Gibson with RE/MAX Prosperity where we discuss the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007. and one where Dan Sfera interviews me about The Future Of Real Estate Marketing

Customer Service. The Internet can be a lonely place. Imagine, you are a buyer cruising the Internet looking for Chandler-Homes-For-Sale or Should-I-Short-Sale? Imagine you come across a real estate website where you can click a button and be connected via Skype to a REALTOR® that can answer your questions about the home you are looking at or answer your questions about the short sale process in Arizona. You can – with Skype.

File Sharing. One of the lesser known features of Skype {besides screen sharing} is file sharing. You can easily share documents, photos, presentations, videos OF ANY SIZE for FREE via Skype. Can you do that on DropBox? If you are on Skype for Mac, go to Conversations –> Send Files. Got a file that is too big to email? You can send it with Skype, and then discuss it by sharing your screen!

Three Way Calling. I know that sounds sooo 1990 but three way calling is awesome – on Skype. Imagine – you are working hard to close a deal. A problem arises – they always do right? It’s a problem with the loan. You explain to your buyer what is going on and then it happens – your buyer asks you a question you don’t know the answer to – that is the loan officers department right? The solution – Three Way Video Calling with Skype! Imagine, all 3 of you, hammering out a solution to the problem. You can just smell the referrals coming out already – can’t you?

Virtual Tours. Ok, this is not something I had thought about but it makes PERFECT SENSE. Thank you to Mark Mayhey {comment below} for bringing it to my attention. Skype for virtual tours is a great way to show a client what a home looks like, what a home “feels” like in real time! Simply breakout your smart phone, call your client on Skype, turn the camera away from you – and walk the floor plan. As an added benefit, you also get to answer the clients questions – in real time! I can tell you this: if my real estate agents took the time to show me a home on Skype, I would know I found a real estate agent that avoids the #1 complaint in real estate agents – LACK OF COMMUNICATION! {Thanks Mark}

I encourage all of my real estate clients to be on Skype, it is a fantastic tool to help you communicate with and show your value with your clients. Skype allows me to help my clients in the comfort of my office or home. I don’t need to drive from Chandler to Goodyear anymore – {Gas isn’t cheap ya know} Instead of trying to explain to me “it looks like this” or “I tried this new thingy and I got this message back, I can simply say, show me your screen“.

Update: It’s New Years Eve, 5:12 PM in Phoenix Arizona. My parents, wife and kids just celebrated New Years with my Grandmother and Uncle’s – in England. Ya know how? Yep – Skype. My daughter, Gabriella, was also able to show her Great Grandmother {in England} her “Perfect Attendance” award

Is your Phoenix title company or title rep “in the know” when it comes to sales technologies like Skype? Technology can help you grow your real estate business, it can make your life easier, save you time and money AND help you get “found” online by your ideal client at the exact moment in time that want to talk to you. I can help you grow your business, you just need to attend one of my Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes or fill out the form below.



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  • Markjmayhew

    No mention of Skype on smartphones? To give virtual tours, etc.

    • Stephen Garner

      Hi Mark, believe it or not, that is not something I had thought about, although, I can tell you, on a scale of 1 – 100, that’s a 1000! I will be adding that to this post later today. Great idea and it is great to address the immediate gratification factor most consumers have