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Zillow Acquires Diverse Solutions: Why It Just Got Harder To Get Found Online

Zillow Acquires Diverse SolutionsAttention Real Estate Peeps, It Just Got A Lot Harder To Get Found Online

Today Zillow Announced it acquired Diverse Solutions. Now let me be clear, I am not a real estate agent, REALTOR®, Real Estate Consultant or any combination thereof but I believe it just got harder for real estate agents to get found online.

As Twitter explodes with congratulations to Zillow and Diverse Solutions [congratulations to you both by the way]  from real estate agents, Inman and the like I am beside myself. “Don’t they know what this could mean?” I thought.

I have made no secret about my belief that 3rd party aggregators like, Zillow and are COMPETITORS to real estate agents. I don’t blame these competitors, they are doing what most real estate agents cannot or will not, they are optimizing the data [listings] real estate agents and their brokers create, combining it with quality, educational and valuable content to draw consumers to their websites. If YOU [real estate agent] are not going to do it – why shouldn’t they?

Go ahead, do a google search for real estate in your area, chances are you will find one of the big 3 [as I like to call them] at the top of the search engines: REALTOR.COM, ZILLOW.COM or TRULIA.COM. Today over 94% of consumers are going online first when starting their home search, they go online, they land on one of the big 3 and they do what? Register. Wouldn’t you? Their websites are optimized, consumer friendly, ergonomic and educational – everything your real estate website likely is not. Those leads are then sold to real estate agents – your competitors – that advertise on said websites. Follow me here:

One of the best and cost effective ways to compete with the big 3 was to blog regularly, about hyper-local search terms, “4-bedroom-2-bath-homes-for-sale-Scottsdale”, “Homes-For-Sale-Under-200,000-Chandler” “1234-E-Main-Street-Atlanta” etc. In recent years there has been a shift towards indexable IDX {internet Data Exchange} solutions. An IDX gives consumers the ability to search for homes on your real estate website. A real estate website without an IDX is like a car without an engine, it ain’t goin nowhere – fast.

Unlike a traditional IDX that displays the data [homes for sale] consumers are searching for online in an iframe, [rendering them invisible to search engines like Google], an indexable IDX displays the data on a website in a way that search engines can see it. Hence drawing traffic [consumers] to websites utilizing this technology.  A good indexable IDX could create 1000’s of indexable property listing pages on a REALTORS® website for hyper-local search terms consumers looking for a home would use. More indexable content, more consumers – more consumers, more leads – more leads, more closed deals.

Diverse Solutions offers an Indexable IDX Solution. Unlike Zillow, Diverse Solutions is not, shall I say WAS NOT a competitor to you, they provided a solution that helped real estate agents [like you] get found online. A solution that could legitimately compete for traffic with the big 3.

If Diverse Solutions is going to be used [by Zillow] to help you drive traffic to your real estate websites, all is right in the world, BUT [and here’s the RUB] IF Diverse Solutions is going to be used to drive more traffic to Zillow.COM and AWAY from your real estate website then Watch Out cause it just got harder to get found online.

It will be interesting to see what transpires in the coming months with Zillow and Diverse Solutions. Besides Zillow and Diverse Solutions, There are “other” winners in this acquisition, the other IDX companies with an Indexable IDX I suspect this news will have some real estate agents [weary of the big 3] heading for the exits, they will more than likely be looking for another Indexable IDX Solution.

Your thoughts? Is this good or bad for the real estate community?

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