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Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Don’t Be A Victim Of Hindsight

real estate marketing strategies“If I had only known. . .” if you are like most people you have said this little gem hundreds of times. World English Dictionary lists hindsight as

— n
1. the ability to understand, after something has happened, what should have been done or what caused the event

We see hindsight everywhere. Our personal relationships, professional – literally, everywhere. If I had only known, I wouldn’t have done this or that. The world would be such an easier place to live IF we could somehow see what the future held.

Funny how the past shows us what we should of or could of done isn’t it? What would you have done if you knew there was a refi boom coming in 2004? A mad dash for homes in Arizona, California, Nevada and Florida in 2005? OR that the housing bubble would burst in 2006? What would you have done – in hindsight?

There are thousands of real estate agents, in Phoenix, Atlanta, Las Vegas – hell, EVERYWHERE that will be saying “In hindsight I should have changed my real estate marketing strategies. I know it for a fact. As sure as I know you wish you had 1000’s of real estate listings in early 2005 [before the boom] I know there will be thousands of real estate agents that will find themselves ill equipped for the new reality of real estate marketing strategies that is coming in the next few years.

So, will you be ready? What are you doing today to prevent yourself from saying “in hindsight I should have done . . . .”? What real estate marketing strategies are you using now? What real estate marketing strategies will you use in the future to prevent yourself from experiencing the dreaded hindsight of “I should have implemented a new real estate marketing strategy”.

You still have time. Many of the real estate agents that are killing it today will not be around in 2014 – 2015 when the housing market recovers. In hindsight they will wish they had seen the video you just did.

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