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12 Real Estate Blog Posts You Should Write Immediately

real estate blog post ideasGot a real estate blog? If so, you already know the value of getting “found” online. Hopefully you are in the 20%  10% of real estate agents that are actually using it regularly. The 80/20 rule is more like 90/10 in regards to REALTORS® that actively blog. Every real estate agent I speak with wants more business – but many don’t realize the path of least resistance is tied to their real estate blog. That being said, here are 12 real estate blog posts you should write immediately.

1) The Property Blog Post. Do you have a listing? Write about it! Where is it? What is it? and What is so great about it. Sell it baby! Many real estate agents set it and forget it. They place a listing on the MLS and leave it there. While this is a great way to sell it – co broke – it’s also a great way to miss out on buyer leads. Create a post about your listing, add lots of [good] pictures focus on humans, not search engines. Don’t have any listings? Ask your broker if you can “borrow” someone else’s.

2) The Subdivision Blog Post. Are you married? No I am not hitting on you, I’m serious. . .are you? I’m married – have been for 10 years. I tell you this because I am living in a home right now that my wife found, it wasn’t even on the Multiple Listing Service. How did she find it? She, like many women, knew exactly what subdivision she wanted to live in. I had no clue but she would drive by her favorite subdivision(s) in the hope that she spotted our new home. Obviously she did. That was 6 years ago, today many consumers know where they want to live. Rather than drive out of their way they search – Google. “Val Vista Lakes Home For Sale”, “Homes For Sale Ocotillo”

3) The City Blog Post. Are all cities the same? Let me help you with this one. NO. Before my wife and I lived in Chandler we lived in Scottsdale, Arizona [pre – kids]. You want to talk about extremes? Chandler and Scottsdale are pretty far apart, in distance and lifestyle. We sold our home in Scottsdale in 2002 and moved to Chandler – found a home we liked and bought it. If the Internet was available then, I would have asked Google about Chandler. “Things to do in Chandler”, “Chandler Arizona” etc. Consumers don’t just pack up and move anymore. They ask Google a question. A well optimized blog post about your favorite city can help you get “found”.

4) The “What Is” Blog Post what is a short sale? Sure you know but does the consumer? Probably not. Yes, they may know what the term means but could they really know all the intricacies that go into a short sale? NO. Writing a blog post about something like “what is” can help you get found. Consumers do not just decide they are going to short sale, they seek to gather information about it first. A well optimized blog post about your “what is” could help you grow your real estate business.

5) The Process Blog Post. Tell me. What is the process for buying a Bank Owned or REO home? Do I just write a purchase contract, get an answer back on 24 – 48 hours and close escrow in 30 days? I hear you laughing. Writing a blog post about the process of buying an REO, selling a home or even buying a resale home can help you get found online. Unless they live under a rock, consumers have heard that buying an REO is a different animal than buying a resale home. Tell them all about it. I guarantee there are hundreds of people looking right now for the process of buying a bank owned home in Arizona.

6) The Testimonial Blog Post If you follow my blog you know “It’s not about You”. Well in this instance I will tell you that it is. Confusing right? Create a post about you. Not why you are such a great REALTOR® but others saying why you are such a great REALTOR®. How did you help them? What was unique about you? Have you ever researched a product on Amazon? If so you know there are reviews from others that have bought that product. Most of us are swayed to buy or not buy a product by the reviews of others. And get this, we don’t even have to know the people reviewing the product. If enough people say something is good or bad, that is typically enough for us. This is called social influence or social proof. A well written testimonial post can help consumers choose you over the other REALTOR® that chooses to talk about how “great” he/she is.

7) The Educational Blog Post. What are the property taxes in Arizona? What about sales taxes? What’s assessed value? I moved to AZ from New York. New York State property taxes are night and day different than Arizona. I pay $2600 for my home in Arizona, my parents pay close to $12,000 for a home in NY with roughly the same assessed value. Much of the property taxes collected in NY go to education [and prisons – shhhh], with 2 grown children, it can’t be much fun to pay that much in taxes. Taxes is just one of the reasons people are fleeing [lack of jobs, cost of living, limited social programs, cold weather, crime] high tax and cold weather states like NY, NJ, PE, CT, MA RI, VT. Writing a post designed to educate the consumer can help you get found online and position yourself as the expert.

8) The Best 10 Deals Blog Post As a REALTOR®, do you know what a good deal is? Of course! I have owned as many as 12 homes, they have been different sizes and colors, in different locations but they all have something in common. I wanted a deal on all of them. Writing a post about the 10 best deals in your market can help you get found online and help your content get shared. People do like to share deals with their friends ya know – Groupon, Living Social, Daily Deals etc.

9) The Best 5 Deals For Investors Blog Post Ya know who else loves deals? Investors. In 2005 investors from around the country converged on Phoenix in search of “the deal”. They bought homes sight unseen from REALTORS® they had never seen or even met before. Why? The deal. Create a post about your “5 best deals for investors” and why. Use investor language – cost per square foot, comps, cash flow, lease rates, vacancy rates etc. and sell the sizzle, not the steak. Investors are looking for deals. Help them find you by creating your 5 best deals for investors.

10) The Problem Solver Blog Post Everything in the real estate space is “unicorns and bunnies”. Nothing ever goes wrong. Ever. Yeah right. Problems happen all the time! I know that, you know that but does the consumer? The test of a great REALTOR is not the actual sale but how they react if and when something goes wrong. You overcome challenges and problems all day – almost every day. Creating a post about a problem that occurred and how you overcame it to help your client can help differentiate you from your competition that more likely than not – will talk about themselves. [I’m Great!]

11) The “Story” Blog Post. If you have followed or the MyTitleGuy YouTube Channel you know that I tell a lot of stories. Everything I say is 100% true,[at least I think it is] I prefer to write in the form of a story. I find that stories keep my followers and subscribers more engaged. Anyone can write matter of fact – some people are AMAZING at it. Creating a story about something that actually happened can help you not only get found but show your true personality and sense of humor – [serious face] if you have one. “It started as a normal Saturday, I was showing homes to Mr. and Mrs Johnson when . . . .” finish that story.

12) The Question Blog Post. Once you build up a following from writing ROCKSTAR content your target audience naturally wants to read, you can start to ask them what they would like to know about. What questions can YOU answer for THEM? I have looked forward to doing this for sometime, and now that I have a good following on my Facebook Fan Page, my Twitter, my YouTube Channel and the MyTitleGuy Blog,  I can finally do it. Rather than creating content “I think” you want to read about, I can ask you what you would like me to cover in my next blog post or video. I get calls and emails from title reps across the country [as far away as Hawaii] asking questions – How Can I Get More Business? How Can I Help My Clients? Can You Teach Me To. . ., I look forward to answering their questions on this blog. You can do the same thing. You want to talk about engagement? There it is!

When you are done with my suggestions – you are not done. You see, in Internet marketing there is always someone – a competitor – that wants your traffic, your audience, your customers. You can keep them at bay by “rinsing and repeating”  the suggestions above- this time on Video. Video is awesome. As much business as I get from the MyTitleGuy Blog and it’s hundreds of articles, I get almost the same amount of business from those that found me on YouTube.

Gone are the days of interrupting your target audience [Outbound Marketing] “Excuse me, I know I don’t know you – and you don’t know me BUT do you know anyone who is considering buying or selling?”. Help them find you [Inbound Marketing For Real Estate] when they have a need by creating content – blog posts, videos, pictures, ebooks, podcasts etc – they would look for when they need your product or service.

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