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Why I’m Branching Out Without BranchOut

Why I’m branching out, without BranchOut

It’s happening again. Another service that was probably a good idea at one point is being ruined again. Ruined by [some] real estate agents intent on spamming other people’s facebook wall with requests of endorsements and/or connections. First it was LinkedIn, then it was….. now it’s BranchOut.

For the love of unicorns, mermaids [mermaids was Anthony’s idea] and puppies – Oh My Gawd – Please STOP!


BranchOut’s Facebook page says

“BranchOut is the leading career networking tool on Facebook. If you’re looking for a job, have a lead for your friends, or just want to explore your friends’ employers, BranchOut is for you. BranchOut, and discover the power of your network”.

I say it is SPAM

Today I got this on my precious Facebook wall:


While it was nice of the real estate agent to say such kind words about me, I am puzzled how he could have – since I have absolutely NO CLUE who this dude is. So he could have no experience [I am aware of] with me that could lead him to write a recommendation or endorsement like this.

So why did he do it? Why are real estate agents endorsing each other and connecting [building each others empires – for ribbons? LONG STORY]  on BranchOut? Easy, and yet pathetic in a way: They want others to endorse them. I love technology, but I don’t know HOW technology could tell me enough about someone I have never worked with, [or even met in person] to connect with or endorse them to my friends and family.

As you can probably tell by my tone, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I have been solicited more times than I can count to connect with or leave someone [I have never heard of] an endorsement. Apparently I have an empire because I am alerted quite often that someone has joined it.  It’s annoying, but on a bigger picture – how could someone expect me [or anyone else for that matter] to endorse them – if we have no clue who they are? If we have never worked with them, if we do not know what their VALUE is? I’m not saying this is BranchOut’s fault but they certainly should see how some end users are abusing their program.

Does it even matter?

As far as I am concerned, my experience with BranchOut has caused me to view every endorsement I see on Facebook with Branchout with suspicion. I call it SPAM. I get SPAM messages all day long in my email, often from some SEO company that wants to help me “get top rankings”, but at least that is private, I can delete it or ignore it and be done with them, BranchOut is public! These requests for connections and endorsements are taking up precious real estate on my wall! I have a feeling, somewhere there is a Facebook guru [note sarcasm] teaching this ridiculous idea that real estate agents should be spamming their friends with requests for endorsements and connections on Facebook using BranchOut.

I think BranchOut may be a good idea for NON SALES industries, but [SOME] sales people are clearly abusing it. So far it appears to be the real estate networking equivelant of Mafia Wars or Farmville.

Something Is Broken

The real estate agents that are asking for endorsements via Branchout from those they barely or [in some cases] do not know at all could be ruining the facebook experience for your friends and family, hurting themselves – and their real estate business. If your non real estate friends and family are like me, [and I am betting they are], they do not use Facebook because it’s Facebook. They use Facebook because it is where their friends and family are. Facebook is merely a vehicle to reach and engage with them. What I cannot figure out though is WHY BranchOut and certainly Facebook would allow this application to be abused in such a manner.


These kind of apps or programs are easily abused. I thought the ability to ask for recommendations on Linkedin was a good idea until some real estate agents ruined it. I thought may have been a good idea until – some real estate agents ruined it, and you know what? Branchout may have been a good idea – but some real estate agents are ruining it. So what am I supposed to do?

Delete Branchout

So, if you are a real estate agent out there reading this that has been or is inclined to SPAM your friends with requests for endorsements and connections I say. . . oh my gawd, for the love of unicorns, mermaids and puppies, – please stop!

I’m branching out, Without BranchOut. Peace!

What Do you Think About BranchOut? Legitimate Business App or SPAM? Speak On It!

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