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How To Write The WORST Real Estate Blog Post EVER!

Worst Real Estate Blog Post EVERYou know what I always say “If you cant be the best at something – be the worst!” Actually, I have never said that before – but it sounded good didnt it? Blogging is nothing new, blogs in one form or another have been around for the last 10 years, what is new though is the concept of the real estate blog. Real Estate Agents across the country are realizing the benefits of having a blog for lead generation. While some real estate blogs are good, many are down right horrible. So what should we do about these culprits? Embrace it and create an award for The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever! Below are some tips if you want to write The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever!

13 Tips For Writing The Worst Real Estate Blog Post EVER!

  1. Write For Search Engines ONLY. Why bother trying to be engaging to the consumer, its all about the search engines right? So go for it. Use Keyword Stuffing to fill your article with keyword after keyword – “are you looking for Scottsdale homes for sale? Scottsdale Homes for sale are affordable and Scottsdale homes for sale are in high demand and everyone loves Scottsdale homes for sale”. Can you guess what your keyword is here? Way to go, you are on your way to writing The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever!
  2. Use boring article headlines. Don’t bother trying to show the consumer what your real estate article is about. Go ahead and call your post “Read This” or “You Wont Want To Miss This!”. You know this is horrible and are one step closer to writing the Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever.
  3. Write For No One In Particular. You know writing content about investing in real estate could help your article get found by real estate investors so you write for no one in particular. You talk about Gilbert Homes For Sale and Surprise Homes For Sale in the same post.
  4. The Wall. You know that people like to absorb text in chunks so you bunch all of your test together with no paragraphs or breaks. You realize that your wall of text will likely scare away anyone that happens to stumble upon your blog post and you want to make sure they don’t even think about reading it.
  5. Talk about yourself. Screw the consumer what do they know. You  have decided you don’t want to convey any value in your article other than yourself. You are going to talk about why you are such a great real estate agent and why everyone should work with you. For good measure you insert your designations into your article – “Hello I’m  Stephen Garner, a ABR, E-PRO, CDPE, CRS” with XYZ Real Estate. Awesome – you know nothing will turn off your readers like talking about yourself.
  6. Don’t use pictures. You know that people are visual and actually like to look at pictures. You also know that pictures can be used to break up your article into more manageable pieces but you don’t want that so you don’t use any pictures electing for the wall of text instead. Awesome!
  7. Spelling Errors. You know that spelling and grammar mistakes are going to destroy any credibility you may have in the real estate space. You are not going to check your spelling and aim for as little use of periods and commas as possible trying to see how long that “run on” sentence can actually get.
  8. Industry Speak. Not many things will confuse the consumer faster than industry jargon so you are going to insert it into your post as much as possible. You start with “MLS” then move on to the “CMA”, “REO”, “Comps”,” Comparable”s, “prequal” and ending with “listings”. You want your real estate post to look as close to a foreign language as possible and you assume your customers will understand what you are talking about increasing your chances of winning the award for The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever! 
  9. Don’t include an IDX link. You know over 94% of consumers will start their home search online FIRST so you will write content they may be looking for to get them to your real estate website and then you won’t give them the ability to search for homes with an IDX. It will be great when the consumer lands on your website and realizes there is no way to search. Awesome!
  10. Don’t Encourage Sharing. You know that social media tools like facebook, twitter and linkedin are great tools for sharing content which extends your reach. You don’t want that thou as you want to win the award for the Worst Real Estate Blog Post EVER! so you don’t include any way for consumers to share your content.
  11. Don’t Use Calls To Action. You are sure consumers are going to know how to reach you if by some act of God they should want to so you don’t include any calls to action guaranteeing further confusion of the consumer. You know a real estate blog is one of the best lead generation tools available but you don’t want any leads so you fail to use calls to action. Great!
  12. Don’t include Video. You have heard me talk about video and the benefits it offers to getting found online. Not only do most consumers prefer video over text and its 57% more likely to make it to the 1st page of Google so you don’t embed video in your blog post.
  13. Don’t tell a Story. You know that consumers like to be engaged, that they like to be a part of a conversation, that they like to belong and not spoken TO, so you are going to speak AT your readers with a matter of fact tone. Because your own personal experiences would be valuable in establishing trust and credibility with your readers, you are going to keep it Vanilla without demonstrating that you are a human. That’s GREAT! You are certainly in the running for The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever!
  14. Too Damn Long. You are going to write like its going out of style so you are going to make your blog pst Way Too Damn Long. You know consumers will look at your HUGE wall of text and be intimidated so you are going to over look the recommendation of under 1200 words and shoot for 2 or even 3,000 words.
Congratulations, you did it. If you followed my tips above or even nailed 4 or 5 of them you are the winner of The Worst Real Estate Blog Post Ever! Award. Of course, if your goal is to get found online by your ideal client when they are actually looking for your products [homes for sale] or services then you should probably do the complete opposite. Fill out the form below for help with building a WordPress Website For Real Estate the training and support to use it.

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