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Working With A Web Development Company – Please Don’t Do These

Web Development CompaniesAre you considering hiring a web development company to help you with
 getting your real estate or title company website built or ranked? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to
 the following suggestions to make working with a web development company as
 enjoyable and successful as possible.

Chances are you are hiring the same company to design or redesign your real estate or title company 
website and then you are going to work with them to market your website. If
 this is you, BRAVO for hiring someone to do the work instead of trying to do 
it yourself, or by letting your brother’s wife’s sister’s husband do it – 
because they are family. However, given you are hiring a professional firm
 to do the work, you should let the professional firm do the work. Did you get that? Let the professional firm guide 
you accordingly. The assumption I am making here is that you hired a
 competent company who is qualified and successful at helping others get 
found online.

Keywords – your web development company should/will ask you for a list of 
keywords relevant to your industry or your market. What you should know here is that 
this list of keywords is only the beginning of the process not the end of 
the line in terms of words that your site is going to get optimized for. 
Your web development company will use the keywords and keyword phrases you provide to
 truly find the terms that your ideal client is using to find your 
products and services online – it’s probably not what you think. This list of keywords is what your web development 
company will use to optimize your site. Don’t fight for your words – you hired a professional – let them do their thing.

Listening to recommendations – one of the most frustrating things from a web 
development professional viewpoint is having a client remove or change calls 
to action, change colors, rearrange components on any page, change text,
etc. and then turn around and ask for input from the web development company 
on the changes that the client just suggested. Web development companies do what 
they do for a living – not a hobby. Think about the real estate or title industry – don’t 
you just love it when your client changes what you suggested and then in the
 end ultimately asks you to implement your prior recommendations once they 
realize the error in their ways?

Being active on your site – once your site is completed and if you have 
implemented a blog [you better] – make sure you listen to your web development company 
when they say – “write content on your blog.” A good company will say it over and 
over and over and over again. Content on your blog is one of the best and fastest ways to get your web
site ranked in Google and hence get more traffic to your website. It is also a great
 way to gain customers, fans nd followers. It also helps you demonstrate that you are 
an authority in the real estate or title industry. If you have been in business more than 
a week then you have plenty to write about. If not, Google something about 
the real estate or title industry and look for something you either agree or disagree with and then 
write about it. Does your inner voice talk to you? If so, that is your 
opinion talking – write what your voice tells you to write. Be real. Being “Vanilla” isn’t going to get you far online. Vanilla is boring. Shoot for Chocolate or Strawberry – know what I mean [wink].

Approving everything – Unless you work for a national insurance company or
 financial planning company where they have very specific rules about what 
you can and cannot put on your website, don’t get hung up on approving everything that 
your web development company does to get your website ranked. This can ultimately spoil 
their work and their strategy leading to wasted money on your part – not 
only money that you spent with the development company but for the lost 
revenues too. Any additional time it takes your website to launch is time you are losing in sales and profit

These 5 suggestions should help your efforts when it comes to working with a
 web development company. Remember, it is a long road to not only get your website ranked but to maintain your online presence. Google is the new storefront. Not having a visible web presence is like having a great store in the worst neighborhood possible where your ideal client will not find you – ever.

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