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Real Estate Marketing Isn’t About NUMBERS It’s All About “KIND”

Real Estate Marketing OnlineHow many friends do you have on Facebook? Fans on your fan page? Followers on Twitter? Connections on Linkedin? What’s your Klout score? Huh?

The other day I was teaching a class to real estate agents about getting found online. WordPress, content, back links, ideal client, engagement, video, the role of social media etc when a real estate agent asked me a question I have never been asked before “what is your Klout score?” he said. If you have never heard of Klout allow me to enlighten you. From Klout’s website

“The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare in order to measure:

How many people you influence (True Reach)
How much you influence them (Amplification)
How influential they are (Network Score)”


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Now let me tell you why I believe this number is absolutely worthless. The real estate agent asked me about my Klout score to get a gauge of my influence and activity compared to his, he was using me as his benchmark. DON’T. [36 is nothing to write home about]. From the moment numbers were invented it gave us a way to compare: this with that, that with this, me with you, you with him, “above this #, you are a success, below this #, you suck”.

From the moment you enter the real estate business a broker, trainer, title rep, loan officer, sits you down and says “Real estate sales is all about numbers, If you are willing to meet enough people on a daily basis you will do more business”. A national real estate company preaches this principle based upon “mets” and “not mets”. Now let me tell you why I believe Klout and numbers mean nothing.

If I was a real estate agent, [and selling real estate is all about numbers], I could stand in line at the unemployment office, soup kitchen, dbacks or even a Cardinals game and give my business card out to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. Does that mean I will do more business because of the number of people I have “met”? Absolutely not. Just like it doesn’t matter what your Klout score is, it doesn’t matter how many people you meet on a daily or weekly basis, what does matter IS the “KIND” of people you meet. Klout measures your engagement with people on social networks, not your engagement and influence with the right “KIND” of people. When I say “kind” I am referring to people that actually need or are in the market for your product or service.

Too many real estate agents focus on the number of friends, followers, fans and connections they have on social networks instead of focusing on the kind. Would you rather have 5000 friends on Facebook, 500 fans on your fanpage, 10,000 followers on Twitter and 300 connections on Linkedin that have no need for your product or service, could care less what you have to say, won’t really listen to you, and could have become fan or follower based upon some promise of movie tickets OR 50 friends on Facebook, 25 fans on your fanpage, 15 followers on Twitter and 30 connections on Linkedin that actually care what you have to say and will share your content because you engage, educate and provide value to them? If you picked the first one please IMMEDIATELY CLICK THE RED CIRCLE ON THE TOP LEFT OF YOUR MAC OR RED X ON THE TOP RIGHT OF YOUR PC. 

Just like Real Estate Marketing, Social media is not all about the numbers, it is about extending your reach, listening, engagement and providing value – TO THE RIGHT KIND OF AUDIENCE. If your goal is to use social media to grow your real estate business you will need to ignore all the real estate agents on facebook, twitter, linkedin and foursquare and start engaging with the right KIND of consumer. Approximately 80% of all the eyeballs your content gets will start on a social network like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, if you create valuable content for the right KIND of audience, worthy of being shared it more than likely will be.

Your Klout score does not matter but the things you do on a daily basis that increase your score “engaging, influencing, listening” to the right KIND of audience does. Kind is consumers looking for 4 bedroom homes in Chandler, Scottsdale Bank Owned Homes, Condos below $100,000 in Glendale, 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale in 85248, Strategic Default vs Short Sale Arizona etc. Kind is a class of consumers already interested in your products or services, they just don’t know you exist – YET.

Try not to focus on a score, number of friends, followers, fans or connections and instead focus on creating awesome real estate content designed specifically for the right KIND of client. Create awesome content, be the answer to someones problem and the right KIND of consumer will find you, engage you and more than likely – do business with you.

Don’t try and be all things to everyone, identify a niche, create amazing content for it, attract the right KIND of client and crush your competition. For those of you that have not gotten over the “numbers don’t matter in real estate marketing”, you will like this next part. NUMBERS and analysis of them are imperative in discovering if the content on your website is attracting consumers. You can see this by monitoring your analytics for

  • Number of website visitors
  • Direct Traffic
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Linking Domains
  • Page Rank
  • Top Content
  • Time On Site
  • New VS Returning Visitors
  • Pages Per Visit
  • Traffic Sources [Google Organic, Facebook, Twitter,Bing, YouTube etc.]

If you don’t think this is an effective way of marketing you need to get your head examined by a Scottsdale psychiatrist. Want help with your real estate marketing? Please fill out the form below. I can help. Let’s talk

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