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Thursday. Not just any day. I am sitting here in Scottsdale, Arizona at Lawyers Title Insurance Company with  8 of the most forward thinking REALTORS in the Phoenix Market. My name is Stephen Garner, I co-founded PRO-Found Marketing. I spent 10 years in the title industry, now I help professionals get “found” online.

The REALTORS are here to learn about the merits of Inbound Marketing and how it will effect their business now and in the future. Inbound Marketing is helping your ideal client find you at the exact moment in time they have identified a need for your product or service.  I have heard some great questions today, questions that I thought you would benefit from as well so I am publishing this article for your benefit as well as mine. It’s content for my website and as you already know [or you should] CONTENT IS KING. Everyone talks about SEO but without fresh, unique, engaging, valuable content – there is nothing to optimize for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. During our 90 minutes together I was asked quite a few questions – some of them are below [with the answers]. Thank you for your time today, we look forward to working with all of you.



  • Kathy with Coldwell Banker asked “Will  my website be linked to Twitter?

A: YES. As part of the WordPress websites we build, we also include your social media channels like Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn, YouTube and yes – Twitter. Consumers that find your website will be able to connect with you via the channel they prefer. It’s important to note – there are different people on each channel so any message would need to be tailored to that audience. A message on Facebook might be totally different that one targeted to those on Linkedin.

  • Sharon with Homesmart asked ” How long will it take for you to make me a WordPress Website?”

A: About 2 weeks. Well, 2 weeks at the longest. We like to give our clients a range. If we get it done in 1 week, that’s great but managing expectations is paramount in any new relationship. This time frame really applies once we get the collateral material for your website: logo, headshot, pictures, sitemap, URL.

  • Jim with Homesmart asked “how to shoot a video and upload it to YouTube, and does it work?”

A: We have a video in our members only area that addresses video. What kind of camera should you use – Flip or Kodak Zi8 and why. Editing software – Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, which is better and why. We also have a video about uploading video to YouTube. Should your video be HD or not? Viewable on mobile devices or not. “Does it work?” YES. Video is the present and the future. Most people I know would prefer to watch a short video over reading an article, video is a living and breathing thing compared to a wall of text. I love video – we will learn why.

  • Richard with John Hall & Associates asked “How important is SEO?”

A: How important is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important to any business. SEO will help search engines direct consumers that are looking for your product or service to you. With thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of other real estate agents competing for the same clients and often times in the same geographic area, SEO is critical. SEO is born largely out of content. No unique, valuable content- not much to optimize.

  • Rick with Realty One Group asked “How should I present myself in a video”?

A: As I said earlier, I love video and from what I have been told, video loves me. I am simply good at it. When I make a video I first identify WHO I am talking to. Remember the saying “there is riches in niches”? Same applies to video. There is a different tone and inflection [presence] I might have if I am talking to a real estate agent vs a consumer considering a short sale. One might be matter of fact while the other would come from a place of compassion and understanding. What I would not do on video is only talk about ME ME ME ME as many real estate agents do. If its all about YOU it can’t possibly be about THEM.

  • Rod with Realty One Group asked “How do I optimize my website myself?”

A: Optimizing your own website is a function of content. We will do some of the SEO in the creation of your website but 90% of your SEO will be in the content [Video, Pictures, Text, Podcasts etc] you create. Want to be found online by those looking for 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes in Phoenix AZ? Write about it. Talk about it. Do your keyword research FIRST of course.

  • Stephen with John  Hall asked “How do I pick GOOD keywords?”

A: Google’s Keyword Tool is your friend. Before I write anything, before I create anything I first determine what my ideal client is looking for online. Not doing your research FIRST is like a billboard in the middle of the desert with no freeway’s in site – It might not be seen, and if it does, it might not be by your ideal client. The more focused your keywords and content, the better chance you have of getting “found” online.

  • Suzanne with Keller Williams asked “How Do I consistently get my website on page 1 of Google?”

A: Work, Work and more work. WordPress is a fantastic tool but it’s only as good as you make it. It’s unrealistic to think you will be on the 1st page of Google for every term you want to be found for. Google is the future and present of search and your competition knows it. You will need to consistently create keyword rich, unique, dynamic, engaging and valuable content on a regular basis. If you are willing to do this, as I am sure you are [or you would not have sat through 90 minutes of me] you will be fine.

I had a great time with you all today. Thank you Je t’ taime Green with Lawyers Title for inviting me. It’s great to be with people that “get it”. You all know your business has changed – your cheese has officially been moved. While many of your competitors will freeze and do nothing, you are taking the necessary steps to learn the future of marketing – SEARCH. Real Estate sales is still and to some degree will always be about relationship but where those relationships are being formed is what is changing. 90% of consumers now start their home search online and 80% of consumers will go with the 1st agent they come across. Want to grow your real estate business? Be the 1st agent they come across!

PRO-Found Marketing is an Inbound Marketing company, we help professional get “found” online. We bring customers to you. We build WordPress websites and can provide the unique content, SEO and backlinks to get them found online. Because we are different than your average bear, we also provide training and [get this] Support. If you are a real estate professional looking to improve your Internet marketing, let’s talk. With 35 years of combined real estate experience [Title, Lending and Real Estate Sales] we understand the challenges you face day in and day out and more importantly – we know HOW consumers search for homes. We’re Experts [sort of ] Visit our website at to start getting “found” by consumers looking for your help.


Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • Allen Henderson

    Hey Stephen! Saw you in my twitter feed. Good stuff! Do you have any advanced classes?

    All the best!


    • Anonymous

      Hi Allen, the short answer is yes. Right now we are doing classes for Lawyers Title and their clients, as with most agents, it’s more of an into. We do webinars for our clients every Wednesday at 10 on WordPress. What kind of class would you like – wordpress, keyword research, social media, video?