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Google’s Latest Search Results

Did you catch what happened in December with our dear friend Google?  Google introduced their new “latest search results”. A few months ago I sent you a blog post called Soooo you dont use Twitter? Awesome! Atleast for your competion where I outlined some of the fantastic features about Twitter.  It was announced shortly before I wrote the post that search engines such as Google and Bing were going to start indexing Tweets making them searchable. Taking a que from Twitter Search (I think) Google has added its latest results search. The search below is for Copenhagen where the climate summit is occurring.

Hidden within the search results you will note “Latest Results for Copenhagen”, with a small box.  That little box is the new addition to Google.  Those small messages with @ in front of them are Tweets, and those gorgeous tweets are streaming live in real time into the search.  What does this mean for you?  It means that while there are literally thousands of searches for the $8000 tax credit every hour, if you use Twitter and reference the $8000 tax credit in your Tweet, your Tweet will be shown instantly in that box, if you equip your tweet with a or TinyURL you can effectively drive the person looking for information about the tax credit anywhere you want to, your website, blog where ever.  If any of this sounds confusing and you are in the Phoenix Metro area, email me for a one-on-one appointment and I will demonstrate how twitter can help you drive traffic to your website and/or blog.  Happy Tweets! @MyTitleGuy,


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