The Hello Bar is a simple notification bar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

Do you want more business?

No it’s not a trick question. Do you want more business?  Maybe you are too busy. Question: Are you busy with activity or are you busy with deals?  I ask this question because its really easy for me to think that I am busy when in fact I may not be doing anything that will help me increase my business.

What are you doing today that will produce results in the future?

Where do you go first when you are looking for a product or service? The internet?
I can’t remember the last time I used a phone book for its desired purpose.

Some facts about Real Estate to consider:

87% of buyers start their home search on the internet.

When a client meets you for the 1st time guess what….They Google you.  What will they find?

If you are not online you are losing ground to your competitors.

Take your online marketing campaign seriously. If you started a direct mail farming campaign today, how long would it take you to see results? 1 year? 2 years? 3? The same is true for social media. You must be committed to the process to see results.

Because of the Internet, You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of buzz. In the past if you wanted to brand yourself you’d spend a lot of money on calenders, glossy magazines, park benches, billboards, postcards, flyers and even grocery carts. These days all you need is time, a consultant and a plan. To create a lot of buzz you have to get serious about your social media plan.

I want to help you establish and maintain an online presence.  Are you interested?  Did I mention it’s Free? Well, it will cost you your escrows, but you will want to give them to me when we are done.

I have clients right now generating business using Blogging techniques, Youtube, Facebook, Facebook Fanpages and Twitter.

Would you like to know how?

Call me for a one-on-one appointment.




Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • Chester Greber

    share while both Google and Yahoo went down slightly.

  • Frances Furrh

    Very interesting way to market on facebook. I also found a way to automate a couple very powerful methods of getting users. You can grab ID by groups or pages or wall posts with this program. Then once you have the IDs you can do a friend blast to your user ID or sudo profile. This by passes the captcha codes too. There is also a cool chat program that you can setup scripts and keyword to work with. This program, when I use it I can see a spike in my site traffic. It is sweet…

  • Make Money Online

    Facebook remains very popular even though Google has launched Buzz.

  • Vivien Gorsline

    Excellent post going over all the ways which blogging can either help make you money by itself or support a business. I am a blogger and love the ability to express myself. Anyway good post.

  • Matt Dunshie

    Online marketing is all I have ever done. (It works) It simply reaches a larger audience, and more importantly reaches my direct sphere (and there’s too). I love all the buzz about twitter, it will never replace the face to facebook, and its always fun to share with 4sq. Haha.

  • mytitleg

    Thanks for stopping by Matt. You are correct, the internet will never replace a face to face business like Real Estate but if used correctly it will help turn those internet leads into face to face appointments.