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Is the traditional real estate agent/brokerage dead?

traditional - pertaining to time-honored Orthodox doctrines; orthodox - adhering to what is commonly accepted; "an orthodox view of the world" I ask this question not to be argumentative but to spark a debate It seems to me that while the business world has changed, Google Blackberry iPhone Zillow Trulia Amazon Expedia Social Media {I could go on and on,} yet the traditional real estate agent/brokerage continues on-unchanged. Question. … [Read more...]

Arizona Realtors-Is Your Marketing Rep Stuck In Web 1.0 Marketing?

Arizona REALTOR'S and Lenders are always looking for ways to increase their business and/or cut their costs.  In a traditional market, a title company, specifically a marketing representative at a title company would help try to help them increase their business. How would they do this? In the Web 1.0 world, postcards and flyer's were a staple of title reps here in Arizona.  REALTOR's and loan officers would call me left and right saying "Hey Stephen, can you help me with … [Read more...]