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Video For Real Estate: 14 Ways NOT To Make A Housing Market Update Video

housing market update video

Oh My GAWD. ANOTHER real estate video on YouTube. Let me rephrase that... another HORRIBLE real estate video on YouTube. This time it wasn't a SHAKEY property video. It wasn't a real estate video with BAD audio. It wasn't even a real estate video of a real estate agent talking about how AWESOME he or she thinks they are. Nope. This real estate video was about the Phoenix housing market, a housing market update video. The real estate agent had the best intentions and yet it … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: Developing A Video Plan

video for real estate agents

So you are going to start using video in your real estate business. Great! Do you have a plan? Specifically, do you have a real estate video plan? Real Estate Video isn't like "field of dreams" ya know, just because you build it does NOT mean they will come. Which means you need a real estate video plan. A real estate video plan will save you a lot of time and money and it will actually make you more money because you won't be making crappy real estate videos like those … [Read more...]

YOUTUBE ONE CHANNEL: Benefits Of ONE CHANNEL For Real Estate Agents

real estate video

You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be irrelevant. Yep, I said it. I've said it over and over again. You will be using video in your real estate business NOT because it's SEXY or COOL but because the CONSUMER is DEMANDING It. Video says so much more than text or images ever could. Among other things, video is emotional, FAST, Purple Cow and video gets FOUND online. Over 50% of my leads come from my real estate videos. There are many benefits of … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate: Should My YouTube Videos Be On One YouTube Channel?

One Channel Or Multiple Channels?

Video is the future. Not just of the real estate business but all business. Video simply says so uch more than text or pictures ever could. If you were looking for information about a product, would you prefer to see pictures or even read a length article or a video? Depending on how interested you were in the product you would likely select the video. Video is especially important in the real estate space, as consumers are visual. The real estate process, both buying and … [Read more...]

Marketing Real Estate: Why We Don’t Provide “Snacks”

Video For Real Estate

It seems like almost every month a real estate agent, broker, office manager or team leader here in Phoenix asks me about "snacks". Do I have any? Will I bring some? What kind!? Look, I get it. It's not your fault. You have become accostomed to it. Like Ham and Burger, Sand and Wich, Hot and Dog, Pi and Zza, you've been conditioned to think title company and snack! Who can blame you? For the longest time the value proposition of many title companies in Phoenix … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Marketing: 7 Real Estate Video Marketing Mistakes

real estate video

There are 2 kinds of real estate agents: those using video in their real estate business and those that will be - soon!. For those of you nodding your head saying "I'm not using video in my real estate business!" I'm talking to you when I say - Yes you are or you will find yourself irrelevant and ultimately invisible. There are many benefits of using video in real estate. Can you imagine working with a buyer or seller that didn't have email? While you may try and find … [Read more...]

A New Tool To Help You Build Your Real Estate Business – iFoundAgent

WordPress Real Estate Websites

If you are a real estate agent here in Phoenix that has been to our (Grand Canyon Title) real estate marketing classes or a real estate professional around the country that has visited this website or watched any of my real estate marketing videos, you have heard me reference something called a "HUB". You are on my HUB - my website. My HUB is where I create content for my ideal client - YOU - to find. I create articles and downloadable PDF's here and I embed my videos … [Read more...]

Arizona Homebuyers Turning To YouTube To Shop For Homes

real estate video

Whether you are trying to make a recipe, change the spark plugs on a 1957 Chevy, learn how to use a software program, watch a music video or almost anything else - you can most likely find HOW TO do it on YouTube. Now you can find something else on YouTube, something Arizona homebuyers are looking for - homes for sale. Take a look at the most recent YouTube statistics: YouTube has over 800 million unique users each month. YouTube has over 3 billion hours of video … [Read more...]

Do Your Real Estate Videos Have To Be Perfect?

video for real estate

I was talking to a real estate agent the other day in Texas, he - like most real estate agents found me online. He was looking for information about real estate videos and as luck would have it, came across one of my videos on this website. He called me yesterday and said he found me online 60 days ago. I asked, "why are you calling me now if you found me 60 days ago?" He said - and this is awesome by the way... I was watching the rest of your videos! HE Found Me We … [Read more...]

Real Estate Business Plan. 2013 Business Goals

real estate business goals

It's November 2012. If you are a real estate agent in Phoenix you are likely already getting the calls, blast emails, postcards, flyers and other solicitations. They are from your real estate broker, competing real estate brokers, team leader, title companies, mortgage companies or other vendors. What do they want? To help you with your real estate business plan and 2013 real estate business goals. They know. They know the holidays is a great time for some real estate … [Read more...]