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Title Reps: Marketing Rep vs Sales Rep

Title Reps

If you are a real estate agent in the Phoenix Metro area you have been contacted by one of "US". "US" is the marketing rep or the sales rep from your local title company, collectively called "title reps". We call you, email you, send direct mail correspondence, pop bye unannounced, speak at your sales meetings, feed you, take you to basketball, football and other events for one reason: we¬†wan't you to use our title company. While you may know us as title reps, there are … [Read more...]

Marketing REALTORS: What Title Reps Can Learn From IBM and KODAK

Title Rep Marketing

Blockbuster Video, Empire Records, Broadcast News what do they have in common? When I was a kid, I loved movie night - Fridays. My father traveled a lot for business so on Friday's my brother and I got mom's homemade pizza and a movie. That movie always came from one place - Blockbuster Video. I could not imagine why that would change. When I got older, my parents let me venture past my neighborhood, as long as I had my best friend Jonathan with me. Like many … [Read more...]