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Will You Be Ready? The Return Of A “Traditional” Housing Market

Video thumbnail for youtube video Will You Be Ready? The Return Of A "Traditional" Housing Market - My Title Guy

Will you be ready? Remember the days when the Phoenix Housing market was crazy? I like to say "even a blind poodle could sell a home". Simply send a postcard with something clever on it like "everything I touch turns to SOLD" or "Don't Make A Move Without Me" and the phone would ring. Of course, it was not the postcard or even the clever tagline that was making the phone ring - it was the sales price listed on the front of the card itself. It turns out that it doesn't take a … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Real Estate: I’m a SPY. Why You Should Be One Too

Phoenix Real Estate Marketing

I am a spy. Yes I know, this comes as shock to you. I mean for as long as you have known me I have been a former title rep, a founder at an online real estate marketing company  - PRO-found Marketing and now {as if I didn't have enough on my plate} I am the Director of Sales Technology at Lawyers Title. Online Marketing Real Estate: Who I am spying on You may be thinking - WHO was Stephen spying on? WHY was Stephen spying? WHO was he spying for? Which would all be a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Phoenix – Then VS Now

Real Estate Marketing Phoenix

Real estate marketing in Phoenix has changed. I remember the old days when REALTORS could grow their real estate business {exclusively} with direct mail - postcards, flyers, magnets, newsletters - and a clever tagline "Everything I Touch Turns To SOLD!". Those were the old days. Real Estate Marketing Phoenix - The Old Days The concept of real estate marketing remains the same. You simply need to be there when a consumer has a need for your real estate services. The eyeballs … [Read more...]