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Real Estate Marketing: Which HAT Are You Wearing and WHY It Matters

Online Real Estate Marketing

What HAT do you wear? How do you show up? Did you know that the way you perceive yourself and the way others do is often different? Let me explain. I grew up in upstate New York, Syracuse - GO ORANGE!. Growing up I thought all people are the same. I mean, my friends were like me, my parents were like their friends, it wasn't far off for me to believe this. It wasn't until I left NY and joined the Navy that I realized - BOY WAS I WRONG! People are different. Daaaaamn are … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Real Estate: I’m a SPY. Why You Should Be One Too

Phoenix Real Estate Marketing

I am a spy. Yes I know, this comes as shock to you. I mean for as long as you have known me I have been a former title rep, a founder at an online real estate marketing company  - PRO-found Marketing and now {as if I didn't have enough on my plate} I am the Director of Sales Technology at Lawyers Title. Online Marketing Real Estate: Who I am spying on You may be thinking - WHO was Stephen spying on? WHY was Stephen spying? WHO was he spying for? Which would all be a … [Read more...]

9 Online Marketing Habits Of Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents

Online Marketing For Real Estate

What makes one real estate agent "win" and another "lose"? What makes one real estate agent succeed and another "fail". Habits. Good or "effective" habits will put you in a position to win and bad or "ineffective" habits will put you on a slow path to failure. One of the fastest ways to win or lose in the real estate space is with the Internet. Use it the right way and you set yourself up for success, use it the wrong way or not at all and you set your self up for failure. … [Read more...]