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Realtor Marketing-A Consumers Point Of View-Mine

How is your marketing?  Does your marketing speak to you? Does it speak to anyone? As a Realtor, your marketing is imperative to your success.  While you may have a sphere of influence, you need marketing to attract new clients, and stay "top of mind" with past clients. Boy-oh-boy has marketing changed.  I remember when I first started in the business almost 10 years ago, It was acceptable commonplace for a Realtor to pose on a Mercedes, in front of a multi-million dollar … [Read more...]

Realtors: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You. It's Sunday morning, I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee with my 1 year old son Alejandro, (no he is not drinking coffee). My ritual is pretty much the same every morning. I get woken up by Alejandro, then my 6 year old gets up and asks me to turn on the computer so she can go to Playhouse Disney or Nick Jr and I make my coffee while listening to the local news. It's the local news that prompted this early morning post.  Seems like every … [Read more...]