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Signs It’s Time To Change Real Estate Agents

changing REALTOR

It's time. Something just plain old "doesn't feel right". Maybe the "results" are not there. You are buying or selling a home and you have chosen or were referred to a real estate agent to help you. You chose this one. They are all the same right? They all have access to the Multiple Listing Service [MLS] they all understand the real estate contract, they all understand marketing, they all understand how to meet your needs, they all communicate well - don't … [Read more...]

Changing Real Estate Brokers – What Question Every Real Estate Agent Should Ask

Changing real estate brokers

Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned PRO you are familiar with it. "It" is the inevitable change from one real estate broker to another. In my 10 years in the title industry in Phoenix I have seen countless real estate agents change from broker A to broker B or XYZ Realty to ABC Realty. Change is inevitable - especially in the real estate space. People move around. Boom towns like Phoenix, Austin, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles are a living breathing … [Read more...]