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Office Hours

When I was in college I had a full course load of classes, some as easy as history and some as complex as statistics [I hated statistics], the classes I took ranged from big to small, from small rooms with 15 students to huge auditoriums with 400. In the small classes there was time to ask a question in class or approach the professor after the class, “what is standard deviation?”, in the large classes this was not always possible. To help the students in the large classes the professors had office hours.

Office hours are times outside of class when you can meet with your professors and/or their TA’s [teaching assistants] to discuss the material that was presented in class or other related interests a student might have. Professors announced their office hours on the first day of class or on their print newsletters [we didn’t have the internet back then] “This semesters office hours are from 9-12 on Mondays they might say. Students could use office hours to ask for extra help, maybe clarification of the material that was presented in the class or follow up on aspects of the class they may have found difficult to grasp. Office hours was “your time”.

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You can come to my office for HELP. Help with whatever challenges you have surrounding technology in your real estate marketing. Got a WordPress website and can’t seem to muster up enough content? Office hours is for you. Want to better understand how to work that new Kodak Zi8, Canon T3i, Flip Mino camera, GoPro HD Hero2 or HOW TO create and edit your real estate marketing videos? Office hours is for you. Want to make an instructional video but don’t have screen capture software or a microphone? ¬†Office hours is for you. Been to a class and now want help with the actual implementation? Yep, office hours is for you too. You can come to my office for one-on-one HELP.

Grand Canyon Title

Office hours will be Mondays from 9-12 at Grand Canyon Title in Mesa [see map below]. Based upon demand, we will add additional days. Come on by and I will help you, give you some ideas, instruction and/or direction, you will learn the HOW TO. Not one of my clients? Maybe now is a good time to meet with me. Office hours will be in 40 minute blocks, first come, first served. See our class schedule for real estate marketing classes we offer and updates on office hours.

Mesa Office

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Phoenix Office

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Please fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you grow your real estate business.

Office Hours

Please fill out the form below, choose which date and time you would like to come in for help. Please note: this is 1st come 1st served, I will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your request if the time you requested is still available. Thank you, Stephen

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