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My Story About IFoundAgent and the GetFoundIDX

My name is Stephen Garner – MyTitleGuy. 2012 marks my 11 year in the title industry in Phoenix, Arizona. Very early in my career as a title rep, I learned to appreciate the incredible power of referral-based business, and I used this leverage to become one of the top reps in the Phoenix Metro area. That was until 2007 when the Phoenix housing market imploded. All of a sudden it wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about the relationships I had built with REALTORS®, Brokers and Brokerages across the valley – 80% of the deals in Phoenix were distressed sales, REO and short sale. Transactions were now being directed by banks and asset managers. And none of them knew me.

My business went downhill fast. I was frustrated and frankly – I was a victim “It’s not fair” and some other choice words I won’t say here. I decided then and there that I was not going to allow anyone or anything control me or my business again. I formulated a plan. I knew the housing market was going to rebound at some point I just didn’t know when.

I knew everything was shifting towards the Internet. I wasn’t using or responding to the yellow pages anymore, directories, rolodex, postcards, flyers, billboards and neither were other consumers like me.

I learned everything I could about WordPress, SEO, SEM, IDX and their collective roles in real estate marketing. Because too many real estate guru’s tell you WHY you should do this or that, I wanted to lead by example so I could show real estate professionals the HOW TO. I built this website, originally and filled it with content I thought my ideal client would look for when they had a need. I created the content, blog posts, videos, downloadable charts and graphs and I syndicated it to social media channels like facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon, youtube and more.

I started getting leads.

Phone calls, emails, forms filled out on my website. Not just here in Phoenix but real estate agents, title companies, title reps, attorneys, buyers and sellers –  from around the WORLD! I never looked back. I was hooked. Not because it was cool but because it worked! And better yet – very few in the real estate space knew how to do any of it.

Finally I found the solution, and I wanted to share it with others. My quest for making things easier for REALTORS® dealing with technology in their business led me to start a technology driven real estate marketing company. We called it PRO-Found or Professional FOUND.

We built an IDX. Not just any IDX, an indexable IDX we called GetFoundIDX.  We offered revolutionary tools like WordPress, training, support, hosting and IDX services that made getting found online easier for REALTORS® that we grew to 1000′s of customers and followers in the very first year.

I say this not to brag, but to show you the incredible money-making power that this knowledge brings to our clients.

I know what works because I do the work day in and day on through specific content, video, social media – all written for my ideal client – YOU. Our system will teach you how to leverage current technologies to grow your real estate business.”

I know that successful real estate agents are too busy to spend hours online developing a marketing plan.  Your job is to help consumers buy and sell real estate. I also know that REALTORS® who have hours to spend online are usually not closing the number of transactions they need in order to stay in business.

Your Cheese has officially been moved – technology is taking over the marketplace.

For many consumers, gone are the days of how real estate was bought and sold – that is through your brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s sister. What is here is the age of the Internet and being found online. 98% of all consumers start their home search online and 80% will choose the first REALTOR® they find. If you don’t learn how to get found online you run the risk of being irrelevant. Darwin said it best: “Adapt or Die.”

The Answer is HUB Marketing

What is HUB Marketing?

HUB Marketing is Inbound Marketing. What HUB Marketing is not is that old real estate marketing stuff that your old business was built on – you know the postcards, flyers, coffee mugs, fly swatters, grocery cart ads, calendars, sports schedules and print ads – you know the kind of marketing that annoys even you. This old style marketing is called outbound marketing and it relies on consumers remembering you and your message when they have a need in the future. You have to rely on them pulling your business card out of the “drawer of death”.

HUB Marketing is all about you being found at the exact moment in time when your ideal client is most interested in what you have to offer now. You have to rely on them having an Internet connection.

  • Our Hub Marketing system teaches you HOW TO be found online at that exact moment in time when your ideal client needs you most.
  • Our system teaches you HOW TO drive traffic to your WordPress real estate website using properly written and optimized content.
  • Our system teaches you HOW TO drive traffic to your website using properly optimized video.
  • Our system teaches you HOW TO while others teach you Why To.
  • Our system provides you with relevant real estate and financial content that syndicates to your online sphere of influence using social media keeping you viewed as relevant and an expert.
  • Our system also offers a one of a kind indexable IDX built with the latest search engine optimization best practice methods designed to bring visitors from Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Our system is designed to convert visitors into customers.

Your HUB is where consumers can not only search for properties but also watch your informational videos, experience your testimonials, learn more about you and your value.

To most consumers a real estate agent is a commodity. They all appear to be the same. They even say the same things: “Search The MLS Like A REALTOR®!” “Call Today For A Free CMA!” It’s the reason a brand new agent can sell a multi million dollar listing at an open house he/she is sitting. It is all about value for the consumer and sometimes the value is who is there FIRST. Our system will help you stand out in a sea of vanilla. Our system will get you found online.


The Solution is IFoundAgent and  Profound IDX


For years real estate agents have been told what they needed to do to market online:

  • Get a website
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Get a Facebook account
  • Tweet
  • Get a Linked In account
  • Do Video
  • Blast emails
  • Do Pay Per Click
  • Buy online banner ads
  • Buy a bunch of keyword web addresses and “point” them at your main site
  • Blog here, blog there, blog everywhere.
  • and so on…

But seriously, you have been told over and over what you must do, but who really takes the time to show you how to do it? Where do you start, how do you start? Our system takes care of a lot, we’ll say it again – “A lot of what you should do” and we teach how to do everything else.

In HUB Marketing, the center of it all is your website. Your website needs to work for you and everything you do online needs to point to your site. Facebook isn’t your website. Your Facebook Fan Page/Business Page isn’t your website. ActiveRain isn’t your website. Your website is your website. If you don’t have one, you need one. If you have one and you are reading this, then you need a new one. If your website worked for you, you wouldn’t be here – you would be calling leads from your website.


Have you had success with being found online with your current or past websites? Chances are no – many of our customers have never ever gotten a lead from their website. Our customers are getting leads on a daily basis. One reason why our customers are getting leads is our lead capture system. When someone comes to your site they are looking for information – valuable information – like listings. Our registration forms and calls to action are designed to trigger visitors to give you their name, email and phone number, please what they want help with so you can contact them immediately.



    • Professional Graphic Design – up to 10 pages of content, 20 IDX categories included in our base package.


    • Lead generation forms for an infinite number of lead capture possibilities.
    • Resident WordPress SPAM Protection enabled to protect your website against spam.
    • Automatic website backups
    • Regular WordPress software and plugin updates.
    • Technical support via Telephone, email, and screen share
    • Access to member only training/Q&A sessions and video


  • Easy video integration
  • Connect to social media giants: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube
  • Indexable IDX with Google Map Integration
  • Easily display testimonials
  • And much more!
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