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New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement

Video thumbnail for youtube video New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement - My Title Guy

It seems like every time I check my YouTube channel [which is a lot by the way] there is something new. Not surprising, YouTube and Google [YouTube's owner] have always been well above the curve in my opinion. The changes in my Youtube Channel may be in anticipation of YouTube's announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in December 2011 that "90% of all traffic will be video". Regardless of their rationale, I am a fan - mostly anyway. [No more friends?] 2011 Changes To … [Read more...]

YouTube Introduces New Analytics. Holy Data Batman!

YouTube Analytics

2012 will be the year that real estate professionals across the county will be realizing the power of using video in real estate marketing. 3 years ago every where I turned I heard Facebook this, Facebook that - today the 2 syllable marketing powerhouse face book is being replaced by another, one that I believe offers significant more benefit in the real estate space- You Tube. If you follow my blog, my YouTube Channel my Twitter or have come to one of my Phoenix video … [Read more...]

YouTube Real Estate Marketing Success Is Not Measured In VIEWS

Real Estate Marketing YouTube

Today I taught another real estate marketing class for real estate professionals in the Phoenix area - Surprise to be exact. What was a "surprise "is how damn far the City of Surprise is away from my home in Chandler - 47 miles! Today's real estate marketing class was at WEMAR.  This real estate marketing class was all about the new paradigm in real estate marketing. Getting found online compared to spraying consumers with a message they did not ask for and most likely could … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate – Vanity vs Value

Real Estate Video

Congratulations! I say congratulations because you have finally decided to research what it takes to use video in your real estate marketing. It took a lot to get here, I know. You are seeing video EVERYWHERE. There are significant benefits to using video in your real estate marketing.  Have you heard some young kid in your office speaking at your office meetings about how he got X amount of buyers or listings from using video in his business yet? You will!  I am a former … [Read more...]

Enhance Consumer Engagement With Cooliris

I love technology. I am a marketing representative for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona. Technology has absolutely changed my business, what about yours? I remember the good old days when In order to grow my business, I would have to market to or "target" a specific real estate office, then I would have to schmooze the receptionist or gate keeper, just to be able to place some flyer in the box of the agents. When I look back at those days I laugh, one … [Read more...]

YouTube Video Editor Tool: A How To

I am a title rep for a national title insurance company based in Phoenix, Arizona. I help my clients leverage technology and social media to get more business. One of the ways I do this is with video. Using video in real estate is not the future, it is the present. Given a choice between reading an article or watching a video about it, I am going to go out on a limb and say 85% would choose video. I know I would. It's because of this that most buyers and sellers will look … [Read more...]

Are You Using YouTube In Your Real Estate Business

Arizona Realtors, Did you hear? Video is here. Are you using it. I bet your not. You are missing out. Why? … [Read more...]

How To Use YouTube In Your Arizona Real Estate Business

Please join us for a YouTube Class on June 9th 2010 from 10-11 am at Academy Mortgage in Mesa, AZ.  This class will be a hands on class covering Account set up account customozation Shooting Video Editing Video Uploading Video to Youtube Embedding Video into your blog or website YouTube's Keyword Tool So, how did this video phenomenon get started? In February 2005 when the founders registered a domain name called  The very first 19 second video was … [Read more...]

Is There Video In Your Marketing Future?

Will our kids know how to read? It sounds funny but I'm serious. Will they? When I was a child, I had excellent handwriting.  I had to.  Handwriting was really the only way to communicate other that talking. (there were no computers, at least not the kind that I am using and you are reading this on). I've noticed over the years that my handwriting gets worse and worse. I'm embarrassed to say I often can't read my own writing. Why? Because I'm always typing on this darn … [Read more...]