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Benefits Of Video In Real Estate. Why Video

Benefits Of Video In Real Estate

11 years. 11 years working in the title industry. That's a long time in any industry but it is even more significant in the competitive, often cut throat world of real estate marketing. As a REALTOR® every title company, every title rep, every escrow officer wants your attention, your business. They call you, email you, tweet and facebook chat you - all in the hopes of meeting with you. All so they can give you {essentially} the same spiel "our escrow officers are great" "we … [Read more...]

Glidecam DSLR Video Stabilizer For Real Estate. Can I get Some Fries With That “SHAKE”?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Glidecam DSLR Video Stabilizer For Real Estate. Can I get Some Fries With That "SHAKE"? - My Title Guy

Remember the last time you saw a real estate agent showing off their latest listing on video? If you were like me (and I am betting you were) you shook your head in utter disbelief [mouth open] as the real estate agent walked from room to room with their iPhone, Kodak Zi8, Playtouch, Flip Mino or other camera. It wasn't that the real estate agent was using video in their real estate business that was unbelievable, it was the fact that they actually uploaded this shaky, … [Read more...]

Website Introduction Video: 5 Tips To Create A ROCKSTAR Website Intro


Right now there is a couple. They are in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Iowa, maybe even here in Phoenix, Arizona. They are considering moving. They are looking for information about buying or selling a home, short sale vs foreclosure, foreclosure avoidance programs etc. Before they call anyone, before they ask a friend before they DO anything they, like 94% of consumers will go to the Internet. This scenario plays itself out thousands and thousands of times every single … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Tools: Screen Capture Software

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Tools: Screen Capture Software - My Title Guy

Real Estate Agents, imagine for a moment you are a consumer. There yet? OK. Let's say you and your spouse and your 2.2 children spent your Saturday open house hopping. It started out as an innocent trip to the grocery store and turned into a full fledged open house binge. In one house and out the other, you were on a tear! In every home you saw there was something called a real estate agent AKA - SALES PERSON. They all wanted the same thing - your precious contact … [Read more...]

Video Marketing Real Estate: Subdivision Marketing

subdivision marketing

You know. Video Marketing Real Estate. Well maybe you don't know but your wife does. Regardless of where you live now - she knows where she wants to live - next.  I betcha. I grew up in Upstate New York, if someone asked me where I lived when I was growing up I would say "Midland and Ballentyne" [the cross streets of my home] we didn't and still don't have subdivisions in Syracuse. Today I live in Chandler, Arizona - if someone asked me where I live today I would not say … [Read more...]