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Search the MLS like a REALTOR! Unique Selling Propositions Gone Bad

Search The MLS Like a REALTOR

It happened again. Another email with absolutely no value for me [or any consumer really] from a real estate agent I don't know and [judging from his marketing] no one else will either. His message of value? "Search The MLS Like A REALTORĀ®!". Did you get the exclamation point? If not, here is another for you [!]. I shook my head - thinking WHHHHHY?. Here is why. [inhale] Most consumers do not see any real benefit is searching this thing called "the MLS", nor do they see … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Incentives

Value. Nothing happens without VALUE. Your phone wont ring, without value. As a real estate agents you know that, you know it's not about you. No one goes to the internet to look for you because they don't know you, consumers look for property, or information of value. I am a marketing representative for a national title insurance company here in Phoenix, Arizona, I help real estate professionals get "found" on the Internet where over 90% of consumers start their home … [Read more...]