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Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy. Does Your Real Estate Business Have One?

Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Content makes the world go round. Well, it does on the Internet anyway. Content is to your real estate website what gas is to your car. Just like you aren't getting far without gas in your car, you aren't getting internet leads without content in your real estate website. I heard a quote today "2012 is the year of the content strategy". In reality, tech savvy real estate professionals have long since incorporated a content marketing strategy into their real estate business. I … [Read more...]

Online Real Estate Marketing: There ARE Riches In Niches

Online Real Estate Marketing

Remember the old saying "there are riches in niches"? It's true. Why try to be all things to everyone right? In online real estate marketing a niche is not only a necessity, trying to be all things to everyone is the kiss of death. let me explain Niche Real Estate Marketing - The Old Days Before the internet [in the real estate space] a niche in real estate marketing meant a REALTOR that specializes in condos or town homes, luxury scottsdale properties, 1st time home … [Read more...]

Phoenix In Top 10 Housing Markets Getting Most Web Traffic

Hub Marketing

I read an interesting article today. It was a list of the housing markets getting the most web traffic from REALTOR dot Com. Let me rephrase that, it was a list of housing markets getting the most buyer inquiries. I say "buyer inquiries" because this is typically what consumers are doing for when searching the internet where real estate is concerned. Phoenix was # 4 on the list of the Top 10 Housing Markets Getting The Most Web Traffic behind Chicago, Detroit and Los … [Read more...]

Short Sale Arizona: Default On Home Equity Line Of Credit Arizona

Default On HELOC AZ

{At a kitchen table somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. January 2016} It's a Wednesday - hump day. Dinner - is served. Pizza. Pizza is what you and your family have every Wednesday. It signifies the beginning of the end - of the work week. 2 more days until the weekend. "Who wants Pepperoni?" You ask. "Me!" Jennifer says, "I want just cheese please" Lisa says - Jennifer and Lisa are your 6 year old twins. Your husband  says "I will eat anything". He is right. He … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Real Estate: I’m a SPY. Why You Should Be One Too

Phoenix Real Estate Marketing

I am a spy. Yes I know, this comes as shock to you. I mean for as long as you have known me I have been a former title rep, a founder at an online real estate marketing company  - PRO-found Marketing and now {as if I didn't have enough on my plate} I am the Director of Sales Technology at Lawyers Title. Online Marketing Real Estate: Who I am spying on You may be thinking - WHO was Stephen spying on? WHY was Stephen spying? WHO was he spying for? Which would all be a … [Read more...]

Zillow Acquires Diverse Solutions: Why It Just Got Harder To Get Found Online

Zillow Acquires Diverse Solutions

Attention Real Estate Peeps, It Just Got A Lot Harder To Get Found Online Today Zillow Announced it acquired Diverse Solutions. Now let me be clear, I am not a real estate agent, REALTOR®, Real Estate Consultant or any combination thereof but I believe it just got harder for real estate agents to get found online. As Twitter explodes with congratulations to Zillow and Diverse Solutions [congratulations to you both by the way]  from real estate agents, Inman and the like … [Read more...]

An EPIC battle of Rolls: Sushi Rolls

Sushi Scottsdale

There is a battle brewing. It's not in Pakistan or Libya it's in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's an EPIC battle over rolls - Sushi Rolls. In a saturated market like Scottsdale it's hard to stand out if you are a restaurant. Scottsdale is a place where a restaurant's survival has just as much to do with ambiance and chic as it does the food. So how do you stand out in an environment where the cool factor is alive and well? How do you let consumers know that your Sushi restaurant … [Read more...]

17,000 Reasons To Change Your Real Estate Marketing

July and it's hot here in Phoenix. 108 today - in the shade. You know what else is hot? Our real estate market. Homes are flying off of the multiple listing service at a record pace. Today, there are approximately 20,000 properties for sale. That may sound like a lot but when you compare it to the 50,000 properties that were on the Multiple Listing Service a few years ago you begin to realize - Houston. . .we have a problem. Many of the real estate agents I speak with are … [Read more...]

A Special Message To The Family And Friends Of Darilyn Johnson | RIP Darilyn

Rest In Peace Darilyn Johnson

Today I am numb. I don't know what to say, how to feel, nothing. I received a message earlier today that a dear friend has passed away. This message is to her friends and family. Her name is Darilyn Johnson and she is without a doubt one of the best title reps I have ever met. While Darilyn's facebook page fills up with condolences,  I am writing this message to you - her friends and family - to tell you what a profound impact she had on me. My name is Stephen Garner. I … [Read more...]

Arizona REALTORS: Is Your Marketing Ahead Of The Market?

I took a drive up to Scottsdale from the southeast valley today to hear Max Pigman of discuss capturing and converting buyers, social media and getting ready for profit in 2010.  Just when I thought I knew it all, someone like Max comes along and puts what I was thinking into hard numbers.  That what he did for me, and that what I will attempt to do for you. Now, this information is for my clients, if you are not one of them, kindly close this page and go about … [Read more...]