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Short Sale Arizona: Default On Home Equity Line Of Credit Arizona

Default On HELOC AZ

{At a kitchen table somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. January 2016} It's a Wednesday - hump day. Dinner - is served. Pizza. Pizza is what you and your family have every Wednesday. It signifies the beginning of the end - of the work week. 2 more days until the weekend. "Who wants Pepperoni?" You ask. "Me!" Jennifer says, "I want just cheese please" Lisa says - Jennifer and Lisa are your 6 year old twins. Your husband  says "I will eat anything". He is right. He … [Read more...]

Arizona Is A Non Recourse State – Isn’t It?

Is AZ A Non Recourse State

Somewhere in Arizona someone has just been told "Arizona Is A Non Recourse State" or a "Non Deficiency State" I know because an increasing number of these people are ending up on my website. They hear one of these statements and they, like everyone else, go to a search engine like Google and ask it a question  "Is Arizona A Non Deficiency State" "Is Arizona A Non Recourse State" or something like that. They are attempting to gather information or confirm something they have … [Read more...]

Short Sale: Is Arizona a Non-Deficiency State?

Short Sale Deficiency

The BS Show took a road trip to Phoenix today to meet with Doug Farnham, Director of Business Development for Thomson Conant Mortgage Mediation Group. If you are a REALTOR in Arizona that works short sales you have most likely been told that Arizona is a non-deficiency state. A deficiency judgment is a judgment lien against a debtor, defendant or borrower whose foreclosure sale did not produce sufficient funds to pay the mortgage in full. This option may or may not be … [Read more...]