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Why You Shouldn’t Bash A Potential Client Online

Real Estate Agent Comments Online

What is an expectation? Maybe a better question, what is an expectation to you? To take it a step further - what is an expectation to your client? You may think you know what an expectation is, but does your client? I find that many problems in the real estate space between you as a real estate agent and your client could have been overcome or prevented entirely if expectations were properly set. Let me explain. Expectation: 1. A strong belief that something will happen … [Read more...]

Google Alerts: A Must Have For Real Estate Professionals

What are "They" saying about You? What are they saying about your Brand, Company, Employees or Competitors? Who is "They" anyway? They is your friends, your enemies, competitors, customers, potential customers etc. What are they saying about You? Is it Good or Bad? The Internet has changed our lives-for the better. BUT, it could be for the worse as well. I am a marketing representative for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona, I help real estate … [Read more...]