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Arizona Realtors, What Is Your Title Rep Doing To Grow Your Business?

Boy oh boy, the times are a changing! I remember the days when I would leave a voicemail for a Realtor and get no response.  I remember the days when a Realtor would tell me they work with XYZ title because "their Rep is Hot!" (I still laugh at that one by the way.....) The times are changing, Realtors and Loan Officers are demanding more from their vendors. And rightfully so I might add. I had a great meeting with a Realtor awhile ago. He started by telling me he gets great … [Read more...]

Branding Can Make Or Break Your Social Media Efforts

OK that's it-you have had enough, you are going to shut everyone up that has been telling you to Blog or get on Facebook and Twitter and embrace the 21st century through social media.   You're ready to go, you have waited so long. Now......WAIT! In the rush to join the social media party you need to stop and think about a staple for any party-the "B" in B.Y.O.B..  Only this time the "B" is not for Beer but rather for BRAND. A Brand is a set of emotional attributes that you … [Read more...]

SMUrcle. The How To Get Business With Social Media

You've heard all the statistics before "There are over 400 Million people on Facebook", "Over 10,000 people are joining Twitter every day", "12% of people have blogs" on and on and on.  You have also most likely attended a class on Facebook or Twitter in the last year, maybe the instructor you had was rookie enough to try and explain them both in the same class.  Regardless of how many classes you have attended about social media, you most likely left feeling like you were … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Marketing, Are You In Or Out?

Well, are you In or Out?  Don't worry, I'm not trying to get you to join some double secret probation group, I'm talking about Marketing. Is your marketing an example of Inbound marketing or Outbound Marketing? # 1 In the Real Estate and sales industry we have been conditioned to work with Outbound Marketing. Examples of Outbound marketing are Telemarketing open houses Email blasts direct mail campaigns TV & Radio Ads The problem is that our customers are … [Read more...]

Do you want more business?

No it's not a trick question. Do you want more business?  Maybe you are too busy. Question: Are you busy with activity or are you busy with deals?  I ask this question because its really easy for me to think that I am busy when in fact I may not be doing anything that will help me increase my business. What are you doing today that will produce results in the future? Where do you go first when you are looking for a product or service? The internet? I can't remember the last … [Read more...]

The Buzz About Google Buzz

On Tuesday February 9th 2010 Google introduced Google Buzz.  Another social network doesn't necessarily excite me, there are plenty already, however.....over 60% of all searches take place on Google meaning Google Buzz will have immediate brand recognition. Google Buzz will work with your Gmail account and with 175 Million Gmail account holders, Buzz is off to an incredible start, potentially half of Facebooks estimated 350 Million users in 1 day! Google buzz will … [Read more...]

Generate More Real Estate Business With Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that started in 2007. Twitter is emerging as a deceptively powerful business tool, especially for professions like Real Estate where you live and die by your network. While you may have heard of it before, Twitter actually exploded in popularity during the Iran elections.  You may remember that the Government of Iran did everything possible to stop information from escaping to the West but they couldn't stop Twitter! New York has the most … [Read more...]

Generate More Real Estate Business With Facebook Fanpages

Do you want more traffic to your website or blog? Of course you do, who doesn't! Facebook fanpages are a huge resource for you and your business.  Unfortunately, many Realtors don't know the true value.  There are many reasons to have a Facebook Fanpage for your business, I have included a few below. Advantages of a Facebook Fan Page for your Real Estate business: Provides a central location for your business on the internet If your business has its own Facebook fan page … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Avoidance Information

Lets face it Short Sales are here to stay! At least for another 7 years or so.  So, what is a title company to do? Well if you work for one of the most progressive and forward thinking title companies as I do, you get involved and provide value to the sellers and the Realtors.  It is with this in mind that Security Title Agency has introduced our new Short Sale Origination Service.  While that may be enough to “do our part” to help our clients, we have gone one step further … [Read more...]

Real estate marketing to the Mellennial’s

As a marketing representative for a large title company, I help Realtors and Lenders save time and money while increasing their business. One of the ways I have chosen to do this is by helping them with their social media efforts-Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. When I discuss social media with my clients I try to get them to understand that typical marketing: print, phone, trade shows etc.. (outbound marketing techniques) are becoming less effective. They are becoming less … [Read more...]