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How Do I Select A Username For My Facebook Fanpage? A How To.

Facebook fanpages or rather "like pages" as they look like they will be called are really business pages.  Business pages are great for your real estate business because as we have discussed in a prior post, you are able to effectively market your listings and other real estate activity while being true to the unwritten facebook social contract. So, you have set up your fanpage, you have suggested it to friends and now you have the magical # of 25 friends. Whats next?  The … [Read more...]

Arizona Realtors: Facebook Fanpage Updates Now Included In Real Time Search

As a Realtor there are certain things that are an absolutely necessity to conduct business. Things like a license, a car, a lock box key, access to the MLS, a broker and a Facebook Fan Page.  What? You didn't know that a facebook fan page is just as important to conduct business? I have been preaching the benefits of incorporating a facebook fan page into your real estate business for some time. According to my friends at Elance,  The Benefits to your Real Estate business … [Read more...]