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Evo Terra to teach Facebook 101 class at Arizona School of Real Estate

If you have been wondering how to integrate Facebook into your business, this is the class for you.  This class will be taught by one of Arizona's finest Social Media Experts.  Evo Terra has been hired by NAR for national speaking engagements to discuss some of his accomplishments and expertise in the new world of Social Media marketing.  If you do not use, do not want to use, do not understand what is, or want to use Social Media, you do not want to miss this class.  This is … [Read more...]

Realtor Designations, An Uncomfortable Conversation

Yesterday I was called by a client who was extremely excited that she got her ABR.  The first question I asked is "Does having that or any designation get you more business-does it increase your bottom line?" Her response....."Stephen-buyers and sellers want to know that they are working with a Realtor that has invested in their education-so yes it does get me more business." But really does it? I can understand that the education that comes with the designation is valuable … [Read more...]

Arizona REALTORS: Is Your Marketing Ahead Of The Market?

I took a drive up to Scottsdale from the southeast valley today to hear Max Pigman of discuss capturing and converting buyers, social media and getting ready for profit in 2010.  Just when I thought I knew it all, someone like Max comes along and puts what I was thinking into hard numbers.  That what he did for me, and that what I will attempt to do for you. Now, this information is for my clients, if you are not one of them, kindly close this page and go about … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Now Allows Buyer to Choose Their Own Title Company

Car Owner

You take a buyer out, after showing them 10-20 homes, they identify the home of their dreams, It's an REO, most likely.  Now you go through the hassle of getting in touch with the listing agent, is the house still available? You write a contract  on the house, submit the offer. There are 22 offers already. Counter-Highest and Best Contract Accepted-You Got it- Yipee! Now, you are told you have 24 hours to open escrow, oh yea and "You Must Use XYZ Title company in … [Read more...]

Your Arizona Home Was Sold At Auction-What Are Your Rights? UPDATED

You are having financial problems, you may be under employed or unemployed.  You can no longer make the payments on your home. You have submitted the necessary paperwork to your lender in the hopes of qualifying for a loan modification. To add a little more stress, your home is scheduled to go to public auction. As stressful as the above situation is, imagine this: While your attempting to qualify for a loan modification, there is a knock at the door. It's the new … [Read more...]

What’s Old Republic Title Agency’s Advantage Program?

AAH-the good old days- Remember the good old days when at the end of a signing your clients would get a copy of everything that was signed or reviewed at the closing? You know, that big heavy package filled with copies of the purchase contract, note, deed of trust, pre-audit, final HUD 1, title commitment, invoices, home warranty information, appraisal, signed loan documents, escrow instructions, seller payoff and new lender information? (Breathe) Well the old days are … [Read more...]

Arizona Homeowners: How Changes In Short Sale Rules Benefit You.

A short sale of real estate occurs when a property is sold and the lender agrees to accept less than is owed on the property. The lender agrees to release the lien that is secured on the  property upon receipt of less money than is actually owed on the home. Until recently, a short sale usually occurred when a homeowner could not make their payment on the property. Until recently.... Breaking news regarding short sales. The rules are changing in regards to short sale.  In … [Read more...]

SMUrcle. The How To Get Business With Social Media

You've heard all the statistics before "There are over 400 Million people on Facebook", "Over 10,000 people are joining Twitter every day", "12% of people have blogs" on and on and on.  You have also most likely attended a class on Facebook or Twitter in the last year, maybe the instructor you had was rookie enough to try and explain them both in the same class.  Regardless of how many classes you have attended about social media, you most likely left feeling like you were … [Read more...]

HAMP-Housing Affordable Mortgage Program-January 2010 Results

The Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP allows for loan modifications for those that can no longer afford to make their monthly mortgage payments. You may qualify for a loan modification under HAMP to make your payments more affordable. Millions of borrowers who are current, but are having difficulty making their payments and borrowers who have already missed one or more payments may be eligible. Under HAMP the borrower must answer these 5 questions: "The Home … [Read more...]

Strategic Default, The New Reality

In an economy where hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes to foreclosure, It comes as a surprise to many that some are intentionally walking away from their homes, called strategic default.  A strategic default is an intentional decision by a borrower to stop making their mortgage payment. What's interesting with a strategic default is-the borrower can usually afford to make their payment but strategically choose not to because they believe it's better for … [Read more...]