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What Does The Title Company Of The Future Look Like?

The Future

The future. That thing around the corner we all know is there that most of us cannot predict. Those that can imagine the future can get rich, those that fail to imagine it can be left behind. It's Netflix or Red Box on one end and Blockbuster or Tower Records on the other. Technology has changed the way we do almost everything. The way we learn, communicate, connect, even love. If you have visited this blog before you know I am the Director of Sales Technology for Grand … [Read more...]

Switching To Grand Canyon Title: 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad

Switching To Grand Canyon Title

"You shouldn't feel bad for switching your business to Grand Canyon Title". That is what I am telling real estate agents here in Phoenix. I have to admit - I am blown away with the perceived separation anxiety some real estate agents face with moving from one title company to another, one escrow officer to another. It's kind of funny. "I know I need this but my escrow officer was in my wedding! - I feel bad for leaving" The other day I was talking with an agent that came … [Read more...]

Can Seller Choose Title Company

arizona title company

It's exciting. Looking for a new home. You and your spouse and your 2.2 children decided it's time to move. Like 94% of consumers you go online, to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. "5 bedroom-2bath-homes-for-sale-Chandler-85248" is your search. Like most real estate consumers that ask Google a question, you already know exactly what you want. You know better than to search for "Phoenix Homes For Sale", you did that last time and wasted your valuable time … [Read more...]

How To Choose A Title Company

How Do I Choose A Title Company? This is a question that many consumers ask. Many of them have never even heard of a title company until they were told they needed one. First of all let me say, Congratulations, the fact you are looking for a title company usually indicates you are buying, selling or refinancing a property. So, congratulations on your purchase sale or refinance. I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona, I helped real … [Read more...]