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What’s Reputation Management and Why Real Estate Agents Need It

Reputation Management

Remember the old days when if someone or something pissed you off you would tell everyone? When I say everyone I mean all of your friends. Those that cared to listen anyway. "So and so did this and then I said this and then they said this and then I was like whaaaaaaaaaat?" "And then. . . ." you know what I mean. Those were the old days. Fast forward 8 years and people are still saying negative things about each other, "talking smack" as we called it in New York, only now - … [Read more...]

Real Estate: Agents Public Perception VS Value

real estate agent perception vs value

I was surfing online the other day when I came upon a July 2011 article written by Freakonomics titled "Want to Jump-Start the Housing Market? Get Rid of the Realtors!" it certainly got my attention. Freakonomics, is a series of books, movies, radio shows, lectures and blogs that essentially evaluate the hidden costs of everything. This article was about real estate, specifically - real estate agents. In the article, the authors discussed a 52 page paper by Panle Jia Barwick … [Read more...]

Building Your Online Reputation-World Of Mouth

photo credit: NicoleAbalde In business, reputation is huge.  In a business like real estate where all real estate agents APPEAR to be the same, consumer decisions can often be based on reputation-on Word Of Mouth. I am a business development manager for a national title insurance company, I help real estate professionals-real estate agents and loan officers-get found online. Whether you are a newbie real estate agent or a seasoned professional that has weathered the storm, … [Read more...]