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Do you know where your real estate content comes from? Copyright Infringement

copyright infringement

Imagine. You're at work. Or at home. Maybe watching TV or on the phone. When it happens. You open up a letter that looks "official". It's a demand letter. From an attorney. And he wants $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? FOR WHUT!? You scream sarcastically out loud. Copyright Infringement. The letter reads:   John Doe 1212 E Oh SNAP! Lane Phoenix, Arizona Dear Mr. Doe: This law firm represents [BIG Daddy]. If you are represented by legal counsel, please … [Read more...]

Real Estate Blogs: Can Someone ELSE Blog For Me?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Blogs: Can Someone ELSE Blog For Me? - My Title Guy

Real Estate Blogs have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons, sure it gives you a voice and a place to connect with and engage consumers and yes it helps you build a brand but the main reason to have a real estate blog is to generate - leads. After all, if all of the aforementioned stuff takes place but it doesn't produce any leads then it is just a time suck right? There are many ways to grow your real estate business today. The old school ways still work: … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Traffic Doesn’t Always Mean Real Estate LEADS

real estate traffic

Traffic and conversion. This is really what the internet is all about. Getting the right real estate TRAFFIC and then CONVERTING it into real estate LEADS. This is especially true in the real estate space as over 90% of consumers are starting their home search online. This fact has resulted in real estate agents migrating towards the internet in droves believing a website will save their business. I've talked to my share of real estate agents that meet with me here in … [Read more...]

Blogging For Real Estate. Speak On It

Blogging For Real Estate

She came into my office, sat down and said "You're MyTitleGuy. . . I've heard of you, I read your blog!" You're MyTitleGuy! I am smiling as I write this because it's funny to me. I am not used to it - since high school anyway - someone who has "heard of me". I know I know, it's so 90's but it is yet another benefit of Blogging For Real Estate, speaking your mind and being you  - or rather me - when you create content. Speak On It. Blogging For Real Estate I have a certain … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing: Which HAT Are You Wearing and WHY It Matters

Online Real Estate Marketing

What HAT do you wear? How do you show up? Did you know that the way you perceive yourself and the way others do is often different? Let me explain. I grew up in upstate New York, Syracuse - GO ORANGE!. Growing up I thought all people are the same. I mean, my friends were like me, my parents were like their friends, it wasn't far off for me to believe this. It wasn't until I left NY and joined the Navy that I realized - BOY WAS I WRONG! People are different. Daaaaamn are … [Read more...]

Real Estate Blog Content: But I Have Nothing To Write About

real estate blog content

What is good real estate blog content? If you ask me, I believe SEARCH is the future of marketing. You need something and you SEARCH for it online. What's the name of that movie? You SEARCH for it online, Cough won't go away - you SEARCH for a reason - online. This is especially true in the real estate space where over 94% of consumers start their home SEARCH online. Real estate marketing has changed, from spamming everyone to helping them find you online. You can help … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content and back links and their role in getting you found online

Man Filling out Tax Form

So, someone has talked to you about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and the pivotal role it plays in getting your real estate website "found" online. You may have gone to a class or talked to a "Guru" but one thing is fairly certain, somewhere inside the conversation the topic of real estate content and real estate back links came up. So you went to the internet and asked a search engine a question and you ended up here. Welcome. So, What is real estate content? What is a … [Read more...]

How To Write The WORST Real Estate Blog Post EVER!

Worst Real Estate Blog Post EVER

You know what I always say "If you cant be the best at something - be the worst!" Actually, I have never said that before - but it sounded good didnt it? Blogging is nothing new, blogs in one form or another have been around for the last 10 years, what is new though is the concept of the real estate blog. Real Estate Agents across the country are realizing the benefits of having a blog for lead generation. While some real estate blogs are good, many are down right horrible. … [Read more...]

Writing Workshop [Writer’s Camp] For REALTORS Launches In Arizona

Writing Workshop For REALTORS

Does any of this sound familiar? Being  a REALTOR or real estate agent is not an easy job. It takes commitment, passion, knowledge - a license and lets not forget about time and money. When you decided to get into this business you made a promise to your self - you were going to succeed - whatever it took. I mean, you didn't say "I will try" right? No, you said I am going to do this. You get your real estate license, picked a real estate broker and you reported for … [Read more...]

Real Estate Internet Marketing

Real estate marketing tips Phoenix AZ

  Thursday. Not just any day. I am sitting here in Scottsdale, Arizona at Lawyers Title Insurance Company with  8 of the most forward thinking REALTORS in the Phoenix Market. My name is Stephen Garner, I co-founded PRO-Found Marketing. I spent 10 years in the title industry, now I help professionals get "found" online. The REALTORS are here to learn about the merits of Inbound Marketing and how it will effect their business now and in the future. Inbound … [Read more...]