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Real Estate Aerial Video. Is Aerial Video ILLEGAL?

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"IT'S ILLEGAL! I saw it on the news the other day" Said a real estate agent. She was referring to real estate aerial video. Where did she hear this? From a VERY reliable source - a competing title rep. "What Stephen does is ILLEGAL!" she said. Or so they say. Hey, they've said worse, no really - they have. Trust me. OK, so by now you know me. Stephen Garner AKA MyTitleGuy. The bad guy. The guy that is forcing competing title reps to learn more about technologies that real … [Read more...]

EDDM | How To Use EDDM In Your Real Estate Business

Video thumbnail for youtube video EDDM | How To Use EDDM In Your Real Estate Business - My Title Guy

Did you hear that cheer? That was real estate agents across the country going craaaaaaaaazy over the United States Postal Service's EDDM program. What's EDDM? ¬†Great question. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM is a great program for reaching a large percentage of people for a small percentage of the "normal" cost of using direct mail marketing. Life Before EDDM Before EDDM the option to use direct mail in your real estate business was an expensive one. The … [Read more...]