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Real Estate Video Marketing | Meet The Real Estate Video Rock Stars

video for real estate agents

Change. It happens. If there is one thing I know for sure it's this: change is inevitable. Some people are scared of change. I love it. I love change in part because of what it creates. Change creates opportunity. Some people would have you believe change occurs over night. These are probably the ones that came up on the short side of change. They just didn't see it coming. In actuality, change is always happening. When it comes to change, there are those that spot … [Read more...]

Aerial Real Estate Video | Let The Arms Race Begin

Bank One Ballpark

The arms race has begun. When I say "arms race" I am referring to aerial video. I remember when I first saw an aerial video. I KNEW it was a game changer, more for me than most. It meant more for me as I had been using video in my business since 2008, I already had the cameras, lenses, jibs, cranes, software, c-stands, diffusers - you get the idea. I already owned everything that was needed to do real estate video - well. I say "do real estate video well" specifically … [Read more...]

Viral Video | Why It Ain’t Worth Much In Real Estate Marketing

Video thumbnail for youtube video Viral Video | Why It Ain't Worth Much In Real Estate Marketing - My Title Guy

So, I'm at home editing a cinematic HD real estate tour for a client when I get an email forwarded from another client. It's a video marketing class being taught here in Phoenix, Arizona; of course I have to check it out. Real estate video marketing is to today what "REO" was in 2007, "Short Sale" was in 2009 and "Green" was a few years ago - EVERYONE wants to talk about real estate video marketing so vendors (title, mortgage, appraiser, home warranty, real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Aerial Video. Is Aerial Video ILLEGAL?

aerial video real estate

"IT'S ILLEGAL! I saw it on the news the other day" Said a real estate agent. She was referring to real estate aerial video. Where did she hear this? From a VERY reliable source - a competing title rep. "What Stephen does is ILLEGAL!" she said. Or so they say. Hey, they've said worse, no really - they have. Trust me. OK, so by now you know me. Stephen Garner AKA MyTitleGuy. The bad guy. The guy that is forcing competing title reps to learn more about technologies that real … [Read more...]

EDDM | How To Use EDDM In Your Real Estate Business

Video thumbnail for youtube video EDDM | How To Use EDDM In Your Real Estate Business - My Title Guy

Did you hear that cheer? That was real estate agents across the country going craaaaaaaaazy over the United States Postal Service's EDDM program. What's EDDM? ¬†Great question. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM is a great program for reaching a large percentage of people for a small percentage of the "normal" cost of using direct mail marketing. Life Before EDDM Before EDDM the option to use direct mail in your real estate business was an expensive one. The … [Read more...]