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Do you know where your real estate content comes from? Copyright Infringement

copyright infringement

Imagine. You're at work. Or at home. Maybe watching TV or on the phone. When it happens. You open up a letter that looks "official". It's a demand letter. From an attorney. And he wants $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? FOR WHUT!? You scream sarcastically out loud. Copyright Infringement. The letter reads:   John Doe 1212 E Oh SNAP! Lane Phoenix, Arizona Dear Mr. Doe: This law firm represents [BIG Daddy]. If you are represented by legal counsel, please … [Read more...]


Buyers Select HUD

Choice. It's a beautiful thing. No one likes to be "forced" to do anything right? I know I don't. The thought of not having a choice reminds me of being a child. "Stephen... you will be home by 9:00!"┬áLife simply isn't much fun without choice. Everywhere we go we have it - choice. We can choose to have Pepsi, Coke, water at our favorite restaurant. We can choose who we go to that restaurant with, again - no one likes to be told what to do. Having no choice simply sucks. … [Read more...]

Video Marketing In Real Estate: Message Over Medium

It seems everywhere you look you will find real estate video. On your mobile phone, iPad, Kindle and of course your computer. Real estate video is everywhere. And it should be Video Changed My Business I've been using video in my real estate business since 2008. To say it has changed my title business would be an understatement. I went from no distinguishable difference between me and the other 600+ title reps in the valley, to a clear value proposition - real estate … [Read more...]