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Instagram Now Supports Video. Best Practices For Using Instagram In Real Estate

real estate videoUnless you have been living under a rock, you have already heard the big news. No it’s not the early demise of James Gandolfini AKA Tony Soprano (although I can’t believe he is gone) and it’s not game 7 of the NBA finals tonight, it’s Instagram. Instagram now supports video.

Now in order for this news to mean anything at all to you, you have to be on Instagram. So, are you? As a real estate agent I have 3 words for you. 1. YOU 2. BETTER 3. BE. When it comes to real estate marketing you need to be where the fish are and brothers and sisters – the fish are on Instagram. 130 Million of them.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a fun way to share moments with friends and followers through a series of pictures and now VIDEOS. You simply snap a picture or shoot up to a 15 second video with your mobile phone, then choose a filter (if you are into that kind of thing) to transform your creation into something unique, informative, educational, wacky, and fun and upload to the site.

If you already have the Instagram app on your iOS device you will need to update the app to take advantage of the new Instagram video benefits, if you are not on Instagram yet (and I stress yet) you can download the app from the app store 

Facebook, the place we spend our days and nights, bought Instagram about a year ago for 1 Billion Dollars in cash and stock, yes that is a B. While Instagram’s ability to shoot and share video is still fresh I figured this is a great time to talk about best practices for using Instagram in Real Estate.

Using Instagram In Real Estate

  • No Self promotion. Instagram users are on Instagram to see what is going on in their friends lives, to hear about (and now watch) new and interesting things, to be entertained; what they don’t want to see is some real estate agent talking about how AWESOME they think they are – not than anyone would watch that sort of thing anyway. (they wouldn’t by the way)
  • No Dumping. By dumping I mean overly posting. With Twitter I can easily move right past what you had for dinner or what kind of wallpaper is in your bathroom but with video it’s taking up precious space in my newsfeed. Your followers are not interested in every little thing going on in your life.
  • Get To The Point. If you have been to our real estate marketing classes you know consumers have a very short attention span. Get to the point immediately if you have any hope of them actually watching any of your Instagram videos.
  • Know Your Audience. When creating content, any content, it’s imperative you know your audience. What they find valuable, what is important to them, what pain points, what questions they have and ultimately what they would look for.
  • Poker Face. People do business with people they LIKE and TRUST, the great thing about video is its ability to make this happen faster as video uses more of our emotions. 80% of what we say is conveyed not by what we actually say but our body language – if you are going to use Instagram for business have a little pep in your voice, in your step, in your body language. No one want to do business with someone BORING or MONOTONE
  • No earth quakes. If you plan on using Instagram to post your listings please for the love of puppies and unicorns don’t walk around with your phone and iF you must – use a stabilizer device like iStabilizer Monopod of X-shot. I’ve seen more real estate videos than I can count that made me wish I had taken Dramamine before clicking play.
  • Hashtags. Use Them. Hashtags don’t just help organize,  adding hashtags or “tags” to your photos and videos is a great way to find new followers and help them find you. You should use tags your ideal client might search Instagram for. Not #TopRealEstateAgent but #PhoenixRealEstate or #LasSendas, #ValVistaLakes #YouGetThePoint
  • Audio. You know from our real estate classes that AUDIO is actually more important than VIDEO, so if you want to narrate your latest listing do it in a room with NO TILE as to avoid echo’s o’s o’s or simply use a mic designed for the iPhone like Smartline ESL-001 combined with the i-Microphone EIM-003 (you’re welcome for that little tidbit)
  • And One. If you are going to place your real estate marketing videos on Instagram, use what I call an “and one”. By “and one” I’m talking about an additional benefit to the viewer. Like, visit my website for more information about X, or call me today at 480.223.8113 and I’ll send you the top ways to improve the value of your home” etc. Whatever that and one is – it better be of value to the viewer.
  • Know Your Goal. Going back to our HUB marketing classes you know the value of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is not necessarily “engagement”, yes engagement is an important dynamic that cannot be discounted, but your goal is to get users off those networks and on to your WordPress website where they can learn more about you and what you do, where they can search for homes, learn about the housing market and more.

I am not a “power user” when it comes to Instagram  but I have to admit I am really intrigued by Instagram’s ability to support video. As with anything else, I think there will be those real estate agents that do nothing and shrug it off and those that leverage it to educate, inform, build a brand and drive traffic. So, which one will you be? Follow me on Instagram

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