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Thanks For Attending The Twitter Class

Video thumbnail for youtube video Thanks For Attending The Twitter Class - My Title Guy

Hey, Stephen here. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for attending the Twitter class at Grand Canyon Title's Mesa office. I told you when I announced the Twitter class (in the video below) that I was going to change your perception of this powerful marketing tool. So... did I? Did I change your perception? Do you now feel like you understand not only what Twitter is but how you can use it as part of your online strategy? I have a horrible memory. My … [Read more...]

How NOT To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business. Oh Snap!


It's Wednesday. Took the family out for dinner. Thai. No more work for today, or so I thought. My wife has been riding me lately... "Stephen, why do you work so much and Stephen can't you not work on the weekends?" After some discussion we came to an agreement: work stops at 5:00. I can work all I want from 8 to 5 but when 5:00 comes it's done. Family time. I'm good with that. What good is work if you don't have a family to work for right? I always tell real estate … [Read more...]

Whats The Deal With Twitter? May 21st 2013. Mesa Arizona

Twitter For Real Estate

The other day I was teaching a video class. To get an idea of where the real estate agents in the room are technologically I asked "who is on Twitter"?. Of the 40 real estate agents in the room, 5 raised their hands indicating there were on Twitter. I dug deeper. "Who has sent a tweet in the last week?". Crickets. Zip. Nada. Zero. "Whyyyyyyyyy?" I asked. The responses were telling. I hope you can make it. This class is limited to 10 agents, 1st come 1st served. For … [Read more...]

What Real Estate Agents Should STOP Sharing On Social Media Sites

You check your email. Maybe it's Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Linkedin or whatever. And you see it. It's an article from a real estate source about the real estate market or why NOW is the best time to buy or sell or HOW to avoid foreclosure or WHY you NEED a REALTORĀ® or loan officer or whatever. And it's awesome. It's awesome because you have a client or a potential client that NEEDS to read this article or watch this video about why they need YOU or why NOW is the time … [Read more...]