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Should You Try And Sell For Sale By Owner?

listing syndicationLet me guess. You want to sell your home. Or at least you WOULD sell your home if you COULD get the right price for it. And IF you can get the right price for it (because we all believe our home is a castle and that it WILL sell right away), should you try and sell for sale by owner?

Smartest OR Dumbest?

Depending on who you ask or what you read, trying to sell your home For Sale By Owner is either the SMARTEST thing you can do or the DUMBEST. You are likely to see the benefits of selling For Sale By Owner on the websites that want you to buy their FSBO signs, use their FSBO contracts and of course buy their FSBO checklist & marketing package – HYSTERICAL – A FSBO marketing package. You’ll see why this is so funny later.

Conversely you are likely to see the cons of selling For Sale By Owner on almost ANY real estate website in the universe that wants you to hire a real estate agent or REALTOR®. So… which one os right for you?

I don’t know. Really, I don’t. The purpose of this article was not to convince you to do either, I am not a real estate agent or REALTOR® and I certainly do not own a FSBO company of website. The reason I ask the question “should you try and sell for sale by owner” is pretty simple: a consumer just like you that found me online asked me.

Here is what I told him. Hopefully it will help you as well.

A Journey Of Stress, Uncertainty & Doubt

Nope. You shouldn’t try and sell for sale by owner. At least, I wouldn’t. Depending on the housing market and area you are in, (some are certainly hotter than others) it’s could be a trainwreck of mamouth proportions filled with stress, uncertainty & doubt. You are going to spend all this time getting your home ready for a quick sale (cause it will be right – wink), put your FSBO sign in the yard, your FSBO advertisement in the newspaper and online and you are still going to be cold called, “popped by” and direct mailed by every new and niche real estate agent in the area and new investor fresh off the latest real estate investment seminar as they know what I am about to tell you: something like 80% of all for sale by owners eventually list their homes for sale with a real estate agent or REALTOR®.

The reason is pretty simple. The Multiple Listing Service. The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is where your home will have the best chance of selling. This is where other real estate agents and REALTORS® will find out about your home and this is where your home will start its journey along the information highway – the Internet. According to the National Association of REALTORS or NAR, 89% of all buyers bought their homes through a real estate agent or REALTOR® and according to Google, over 90% of consumers start their home search online.

Pss’t I Have A Secret

I’ll fill you in on a little secret. Ready? All these agents that contact you and talk about their 91 point marketing plan or their 141 point marketing plan (or whatever they call it) is likely really a three point marketing plan: 1) Multiple. 2) Listing. 3) Service. Many real estate agents will talk about the hundreds of websites your home will be on if you list your home with them – but it will only be on those websites if you list your home with them – right? Wrong.

Your property will be syndicated to hundreds, actually thousands of real estate websites from the Multiple Listing Service – automatically. Every real estate agent in your MLS area can display your home through IDX or Internet Data Exchange. Some of these websites are arguably where buyers initially start their home search (Zillow, Trulia, and maybe even where you looked when you decided you wanted to sell your home, because no one really looks to sell their home without looking at what else is out there first.

So if you are considering selling your home you will stand the best chance on the Multiple Listing Service and the only way your home will be listed there is if you choose a real estate agent or REALTOR®. So, what should you look for in a real estate agent or REALTOR®? Well I’ve been asked that question by plenty of consumers as well. How To Choose A REALTOR® or real estate agent.

What Is Your Property Worth?

If you are in the Phoenix Metro area you should start with getting a value for your property. We are coming out of one of the worst housing markets we have ever seen. Because of foreclosures and short sales some areas depreciated by more than 50%. Conversely, some areas have appreciated by 30% in the last year so a property valuation or Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) will help you determine if you are even able to sell your home – FSBO or otherwise.

While I am not a real estate agent or REALTOR®, I do work with some of the best real estate agents in Phoenix. I would be happy to refer you to one of my real estate clients to give you a property value and determine your best strategy. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you promptly.

Need Help Finding A Real Estate Agent, Attorney, Lender or Title Company

Whether you are looking for a real estate agent to help you navigate the home buying/selling process or a loan offer to help you finance it, I can help. Please fill out the information below and I'll get back to you asap. Thank you, Stephen
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