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Real Estate Listing Strategy: My First Listing Appointment

real estate marketing

I'm going on a listing appointment! I know what you are thinking "why is Stephen, a title guy, going on a listing appointment?" Which would be a logical question, now let me give you an obvious answer, one I wish I had thought of long ago! It all started with a meeting with a REALTOR®. He called me Tuesday and asked to meet , he said it was urgent. We - the REALTOR®, his assistant and I, met at 10:00 Wednesday morning. He said "I'm competing for a multi-million dollar … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate: Should My YouTube Videos Be On One YouTube Channel?

One Channel Or Multiple Channels?

Video is the future. Not just of the real estate business but all business. Video simply says so uch more than text or pictures ever could. If you were looking for information about a product, would you prefer to see pictures or even read a length article or a video? Depending on how interested you were in the product you would likely select the video. Video is especially important in the real estate space, as consumers are visual. The real estate process, both buying and … [Read more...]

HDR Photography In Real Estate: How Much Is TOO Much?


Have you ever met someone that had "too much" work done"? Yes - I am talking about plastic surgery. Well, have you? Remember walking away thinking "OMG that is waaaaay too much?" Plastic surgery is one of the areas where some is complimentary but too much is clownish. I find the same is true with real estate photography. The other day I was editing a real estate video for a client, a real estate agent. I asked, as is customary, if he had any additional photos he would like … [Read more...]

Real Estate Blogs: Can Someone ELSE Blog For Me?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Blogs: Can Someone ELSE Blog For Me? - My Title Guy

Real Estate Blogs have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons, sure it gives you a voice and a place to connect with and engage consumers and yes it helps you build a brand but the main reason to have a real estate blog is to generate - leads. After all, if all of the aforementioned stuff takes place but it doesn't produce any leads then it is just a time suck right? There are many ways to grow your real estate business today. The old school ways still work: … [Read more...]

Marketing Real Estate: Why We Don’t Provide “Snacks”

Video For Real Estate

It seems like almost every month a real estate agent, broker, office manager or team leader here in Phoenix asks me about "snacks". Do I have any? Will I bring some? What kind!? Look, I get it. It's not your fault. You have become accostomed to it. Like Ham and Burger, Sand and Wich, Hot and Dog, Pi and Zza, you've been conditioned to think title company and snack! Who can blame you? For the longest time the value proposition of many title companies in Phoenix … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Traffic Doesn’t Always Mean Real Estate LEADS

real estate traffic

Traffic and conversion. This is really what the internet is all about. Getting the right real estate TRAFFIC and then CONVERTING it into real estate LEADS. This is especially true in the real estate space as over 90% of consumers are starting their home search online. This fact has resulted in real estate agents migrating towards the internet in droves believing a website will save their business. I've talked to my share of real estate agents that meet with me here in … [Read more...]