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Foreclosure Avoidance Arizona – SaveOurHomeAZ

Foreclosure Avoidance Programs Arizona


In my 12 years in the title industry here in Phoenix, Arizona I have never seen a market like this one, I am seeing good, hard working people just like you lose their homes to foreclosure, many through no fault of their own. It seems foreclosure has no limits; rich, poor, blue collar, white collar are not immune to this problem. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. There are options available to you to help you avoid foreclosure in Arizona.

Everywhere you look, the radio, TV, your mailbox, friends and family – it seems everyone has a solution to help you avoid foreclosure in Arizona. Do this, don’t do this – do that. All of this information, many of it conflicting, adds to the stress many of you may be feeling. Where do you turn? Who do you trust? There are legitimate ways to avoid foreclosure in Arizona. You may have heard of some of them: Short Sale, Deed In Lieu, Loan Modification – the list goes on and on.

They say “Knowledge is Power”, so today we want to introduce you to Reginald Givens, Foreclosure Assistance Administrator with the Arizona Department of Housing, right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Reginald, through our own Matt Melrose of Grand Canyon Title’s Tech Team, was kind enough to prepare the video below to help Arizona homeowners just like you avoid foreclosure – through education. You do have options. As Reginald Givens explains in the video below, there are state funds and counseling available to you, to help you avoid foreclosure in Arizona.

SaveOurHomeAZ is a federally funded program, designed, developed and implemented by the Department Of Housing to assist you, the homeowner, in the avoidance of foreclosure. SaveOurHomeAZ is sponsored by the Department Of Treasury. As Reginald explains, the Arizona Department of Housing received $267,000,000 to administer the SaveOurHomeAZ Program. The SaveOurHomeAZ was designed to assist with 3 trouble areas

  • Affordability
  • Delinquency
  • Negative Equity

In the short video below, Reginald explains the features and benefits of the State of Arizona’s foreclosure prevention program as well as how to determine your eligibility for the Ā SaveOurHomeAZ program.

There are options to help you avoid foreclosure in Arizona. As Reginald indicated, Short Sale is one of them. If after filling out the self assessment you determine Short Sale is your best course of action, please contact the REALTORĀ® that sent you this video or fill out the form below to have one contact you promptly.

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