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Royalty Free Music: Where Do I Get Music?

Royalty Free Music

Music For Your Rockstar Real Estate Videos

If you are using video in your real estate business or plan to, your real estate videos will need to be valuable. In our video marketing classes we show real estate agents how to use video on their real estate business. Equipment, Topics, Technique, Editing Software, Screencast, Mindset, Optimization, Syndication and more. The key word in the sentence above is “value” as in of valuenot to you, but to the consumer.

In regards to the Internet – where consumers are actively searching for what they need, why you are a great real estate agent is not of value. Why your real estate brokerage is better than another is not of value. Charities you or your brokerage support are not of value. Value is in the eyes of the consumer. The best value, the things consumers search for online, will help them gather information or solve a problem.

The best real estate videos, the best videos PERIOD start with the message. You can have the most amazing camera equipment – Canon Mark III, Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripods, Sennheiser wireless mic’s, Zacuto viewfinders, SmallHD monitors, Mac Pro, Final Cut, Screen Flow, Camtasia, Apple Motion, After Effects – you can have all of these and your videos can still suck. The reason – the message. It is the message that is valuable not necessarily the tools used to make it. Think final destination – not the journey.

One of the ways to take your real estate videos to another level is with music. Music is engaging, interesting, soothing – music can set the tone for your real estate videos, music ROCKS. Music is everywhere;  in your favorite TV shows, commercials, even the nightly news is using music. One of the questions real estate agents always ask me is – “where do I get music?”. You can get music for your real estate videos from many sources – your editing platform likely has some included – iMovie, Final Cut, SONY Vegas etc. You can also, in some instances use your iTunes library, although I would not recommend it. All of the HD real estate tours I make include music,  many of the green screen and screencast videos I make do as well. I want my audience (you) to be conditioned, like Pavlov’s Dog. You hear a song and you think of me right away – that means I want to own the music I use in my real estate videos also known as royalty free music.

Royalty Free Music is stock music licensed to you for a fee, without the need to pay any additional royalties or fees. There are literally hundreds of places to get Royalty Free music for your real estate videos, below are some of my favorite places to get Royalty Fee Music for my real estate videos.

  • – video, music, sound effects, illustrations, photos
  • – music, sound effects, music beds
  • – music, sound effects
  • – music
  • – music
  • – music
  • – music, video, movies
  • – music
  • – music, sound effects
Whether you are looking for a full song, sound effect, video or photo; one of the websites above is sure to have what you need. Now, going back to value – the songs or sound effects you use in your real estate videos should be of value as well. Don’t use a sound effect in your real estate videos unless it contributes or adds value to the storyline. Make sure the songs you use complement your real estate video. Don’t use a BIG song, like an orchestra track on an entry level home or double wide trailer – it will look stupid. Conversely, don’t use a weak song on a multi million dollar property. The song you pick should bring the properties to life.

I hope the above list of Royalty Free music sources saves you time and money in your real estate business. If you are a real estate agent in Phoenix; where to get Royalty Free music is just one of many ways we can help you grow your real estate business. Other areas we can help you include WordPress {self hosted}, Real Estate Videos, Green Screen Videos, Screencast, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, CraigsList, Indexable IDX, social media for BUSINESS and much more. I think it’s time your vendors offer more VALUE than just service. If you feel the same way please fill out the form below.

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