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New Homes In Phoenix. Smart Move Advantage Program

New Homes In Gilbert

Smart Move Advantage Program

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You want to move. There is not enough space in your Phoenix home, the closet space is non existent and it seems like you and your family are literally all over each other. You have looked online at Phoenix homes for sale but nothing really fits your needs. They are all too. Too big, too far, too expensive, too small or too old. What would be great is if you could build a new home in Phoenix.

You would put the bathroom there and that closet here and the kids rooms waaaaaay over there.  The kitchen would have a gas stove and this time, you would have at least a 3 car garage. That would be awesome wouldn’t it? But there is a problem. You can’t buy a new home in Phoenix because you can’t sell your existing Phoenix home. Like thousands of other Phoenix homeowners you are underwater; you owe more than your Phoenix home is worth.
It stinks too because you and your spouse are making more money now than before and the economy appears to be getting better. You can afford a new home in Phoenix. Does this scenario sound familiar?  If so,  Maracay homes may have the solution for you.
Maracay recently announced a program that provides qualified buyers a set rental amount for three years. Launched at the end of August, the Smart Move Advantage program, is a new idea that Maracay hopes sparks people like you to become home buyers in Phoenix once again.

“We just recognize there are these thousands of people who really want to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity that exists now, but they’re choosing not to because they feel it’s not the right time to sell,” says Maracay President Andy Warren. “We think it’s a creative solution to a problem thousands of potential customers are facing.”

I think Maracay may be on to something here. It appears like a true win/win for Maracay and Phoenix home buyers like you. You get a set rental income, say $800 a month for 3 years and Maracay gets more sales. Warren points out, “there is no guarantee that the rental income will cover their existing mortgage since people with the same house on the same street may be paying different amounts”.

How much would your Phoenix home rent for? What is it really worth? The housing market in Phoenix has increased significantly over the last year, some areas in Phoenix have appreciated by as much as 35%. This increase in home value means you may not be upside down in your Phoenix home after all.

A Phoenix REALTOR® can provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) that will tell you the value of your Phoenix home in today’s market. After meeting with a REALTOR®, let’s say you are still upside down in your Phoenix home – that Phoenix REALTOR can guide you through Maracay’s new Smart Move Advantage program, protecting your interests and making sure all points and timelines are met. The best part, this professional advice will likely cost you nothing.

How much is your Phoenix home worth in today’s Phoenix housing market? Is Maracay’s Smart Move Advantage program right for you? Do you have any other options? After 11 years in the title industry in Phoenix helping and advising REALTORS, I know all REALTORS are NOT created the same.  Fill out the form below and I will have one of my clients, some of the best Phoenix REALTORS in the area contact you immediately.

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