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How NOT To Make A Real Estate Website Introduction Video

Real Estate Website Introduction Video

Real Estate Website Introduction Video

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer looking for a car to buy. And like the majority of consumers that start their search on the Internet you head to a search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube.

You ask Google a question: 2012 Lexus GS300 price. Google gives you 756,000 results. So, like most people you click on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd result. Why look to the 4th or even go to the 2nd page if what you really want is the price of the car right? Any website should be able to give you that information right?

So, you click on the 1st result. The page opens. Now, remember – you are a car buyer. You are looking for information about the car, specifically the 2012 Lexus GS300’s PRICE. You land on the home page. There is a video. Sooo you click on it. What happens next is purely comical. You clicked the video expecting to hear about the CAR. You may have expected the features and benefits or what Road and Track or Consumer Reports says about the car. Instead, it’s a salesperson at Lexus. Only he isn’t talking about the car, the features and benefits, the safety features, the miles per gallon, the crash test reports – no – this dude is talking about HIMSELF.

“Hi, welcome to the website. My name is Stephen with Lexus and I sell more cars than anyone else in the valley. I am consistently listed as one of the top sales people in my dealership and people love me. I am certified. My designations include the coveted ABC, CRG, e-car and I’m a CDPC and a top producer 2005. I pride myself on my extensive knowledge and experience…”

yada yada yada HURL.

Now keep in mind that you are looking for what? A CAR. NOT a sales person to sell you the car. So what do you do? Well, in all likelihood you never got to end of the salespersons video because you clicked off it somewhere around the 5 second mark, or maybe you watched it all because you were in for a good laugh. You would do the same right?

Now, take the car salesperson out of the story above and replace it with a REALTOR. Ya get my point?

When a consumer is looking for a home for sale and asks a search engine like Google a question: 4 bedroom homes in 85286 near Tarwater Elementary they are looking for a home. Specifically a 4 bedroom home in the 85286 area code and within the Tarwater elementary school district. The HOME is the product. Not the REALTOR.

Yet, I see so many real estate introduction videos that are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. REALTORS from around the country, from around Phoenix that somehow didn’t get the memo – YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT! One of the fastest ways to get a consumer to leave your real estate website is to talk about how great you think you are. They don’t care about you yet – you have not given them a reason to. In fact, you are still in the commodity phase. All REALTORS are the same – aren’t they?

So, if talking about yourself is the wrong way to make a real estate website introduction video, what is the right way? Glad you asked. Here are 6 tips you should know about making a website introduction video for your real estate website.

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 1: BE UNIQUE

Don’t start with your name. They do not care about you yet so your name is NOT IMPORTANT. Start with something to grab their attention. If your video is about avoiding foreclosure you can start with “Would You Like To Save Your Home?!” Would you like to save your credit? Of course you would. Hello I’m Stephen Garner.. . . . ” follow with content.
Consumers will only remember your name IF YOU have given them a REASON to remember your name. Otherwise you are just another real estate agent. Grab their attention and introduce yourself LATER.

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 2: ASK A QUESTION

Ask a question that connects the consumer with YOU and what you DO. Staying with the avoid foreclosure theme you could say “Have you received a notice of default?/notice of trustee sale?” asking the consumer a question will help you GRAB and KEEP the ATTENTION of your audience. Here is a neat trick: Even if the consumer does not answer the question out loud [YES I HAVE/NO I HAVE NOT] they will STILL be THINKING OF THE ANSWER. Guess what – They are now ENGAGED.

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 3: ADD A STATISTIC

Give a statistic or a shocking statement that will grab your audiences attention. Again, keeping with the same theme above – avoid foreclosure – “Last year over 80% of all the sales in Phoenix were Distressed sales – either Bank Owned or Short Sale, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” Then talk about HOW you are uniquely suited to HELP them..

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 4: TELL A STORY

I love stories. I have written about their impact in real estate marketing, infact – EVERY real estate post or video I create starts with or ends with a STORY, like the one above. Stories are very powerful. Stories bring YOU and WHAT YOU DO to LIFE. Stories also help consumers see you as a PERSON instead of a SALESPERSON. HOW MANY REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE THERE IN PHOENIX AGAIN? Yeah. Exactly.

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 5: PERSPECTIVE

Who are you talking to? Who is your video for? One of the things I teach in our real estate marketing classes is the importance of knowing WHO you are talking to. If you don’t know WHO you are talking to your message will be all over the map, it won’t be engaging and it will STINK just like most of the other agents that try using video in their real estate business – without a plan. You should focus on WHAT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT WANTS TO HEAR more than WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY. This can be hard for many real estate agents because many are conditioned to believe it is about them, their knowledge, experience, awards. 2 words – IT’S NOT.
What is of interest to your ideal client? The person you made the video for? Don’t tell your life story, no one cares. It’s about the person watching your video or reading your content – not you. Give a little bit of information about you but think of what you are saying – from the consumers perspective. Why would they want to hear from you? WHAT would they want to hear from you? Marketing is about hats. Make sure you know WHICH HAT YOU ARE WEARING BEFORE you make your website introduction video.

Real Estate Website Introduction Video Tip 6: CALL TO ACTION

You can have the best SEO and the best content, you can be the best REALTOR but if you do not know HOW TO use a compelling call to action, it could be all for nothing. Your call to action or CTA will often determine if a form is filled out on your website or not. Whether you get a phone call, email, tweet or not. One of the marks of a real estate agent that needs more sales training is a weak call to action. Do you have one? Is it pushy [like the typical sales person] or does it offer the promise of value – for the consumer? A call to action tells your audience
WHAT to do
EXACTLY HOW to do it – AND
The VALUE or BENEFIT they will receive for DOING it [VERY IMPORTANT]


So that is how NOT to make a website introduction video as well as some tips for making a ROCKSTAR website introduction video. Now that you know what to do, all you need to do is DO IT. You have a few choices. You can use your laptop if it has a web cam, not the best quality. You can use a flip mino HD, Kodak Zi8, Kodak Zi10, or even a DSLR camera from Canon, Nikon, SONY or Olympus OR – if you are a real estate professional in Phoenix, you can contact a Grand Canyon Title representative to have me shoot your website introduction video in our dedicated video studio. We use top of the line Canon Mark III DSLR, Sennheiser wireless mics, lights and we even have teleprompters to keep your message on point. For more information or to schedule a time to shoot your video for your real estate website, please fill out the form below.

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