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“Social Media Is A Waste Of Time For REALTORS”

Content Marketing Strategy Real Estate

Got a call the other day from a REALTOR here in Arizona that had come to a few of our real estate marketing classes. "Our" is Grand Canyon Title and the classes - let's just say most of the real estate agents that come leave with a new perspective on real estate marketing. The REALTOR said, "dude, {he calls me dude} I thought of you today when I was in  a renewal hour class, the instructor said social media is a waste of time for REALTORS". I laughed and shook my head, it … [Read more...]

Anthem Arizona. Master Planned Community in Arizona

Master Planned Communities Arizona

Located 34 miles north of Phoenix you will find the Arizona master planned community of Anthem. Centrally located, the master planned community of Anthem is close to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sedona and Prescott to name a few. Those from the east coast may not be familiar with the term Master Planned Community. A master planned community is a community that has been planned to perfection. Master planned communities feature housing, shopping, schools, recreational features and … [Read more...]

New Homes In Phoenix. Smart Move Advantage Program

New Homes In Gilbert

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You want to move. There is not enough space in your Phoenix home, the closet space is non existent and it seems like you and your family are literally all over each other. You have looked online at Phoenix homes for sale but nothing really fits your needs. They are all too. Too big, too far, too expensive, too small or too old. What would be great is if you could build a new home in Phoenix. You would put the bathroom there and that … [Read more...]

How NOT To Make A Real Estate Website Introduction Video

Tech Summit

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer looking for a car to buy. And like the majority of consumers that start their search on the Internet you head to a search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube. You ask Google a question: 2012 Lexus GS300 price. Google gives you 756,000 results. So, like most people you click on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd result. Why look to the 4th or even go to the 2nd page if what you really want is the price of the car right? Any website should be able … [Read more...]

Twitter For Real Estate Agents. How To Use Twitter To Get Leads RIGHT NOW. {Tutorial}

Twitter For Real Estate

"Twitter Is Dumb". I hear this all the time when I meet with real estate professionals; real estate agents and loan officers here in Phoenix, Arizona. I laugh. I ask, "OK, Tell me WHY is Twitter Dumb?" "Well. . . because I just don't get it"or "No one in my office is using Twitter" is what I hear 99.9% of the time. The BLIND leading The BLIND In our real estate marketing classes I often tell real estate agents "I think real estate agents should NOT hang out with other … [Read more...]

FREE Video Editing Software For iPad 2 and later – Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

Have you ever gone somewhere - a new listing, a listing appointment or maybe even met with a past real estate client and wished you had brought your video camera? I don't know, maybe you wanted to shoot the new listing or possibly even record an EPIC testimonial from a past client saying how AWESOME you are and WHY every smart buyer or seller should work with you, but you didn't have your camera. Has that ever happened to you? If not - it will. I guarantee it. You will be … [Read more...]

Protected: How To Make A Real Estate Video Bumper – For FREE {Tutorial}

video bumper

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Do You Really Know Who You Are Recommending? The RISK Of A Bad Referral

real estate referrals

Do you really know who you are recommending? I don't refer or recommend service providers anymore. At least not the way I used to. I used to be a referral MACHINE! You needed a good home warranty company - call X. You needed a good landscaper - call Y. You need a good loan officer, baby sitter, pool guy - call Z. That was before. It all changed for me a few years ago. Never one to shy away from controversy I want to talk about referring or recommending service … [Read more...]

Protected: Setting And Configuring Your YouTube Featured Video

Video thumbnail for youtube video Setting And Configuring Your YouTube Featured Video - My Title Guy

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Real Estate Video: DSLR Basics

Real Estate Video DSLR Basics

If you are a real estate agent or REALTOR serious about real estate video marketing you may want to consider buying a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or DSLR for short. A DSLR is a digital camera with a digital image sensor that shoots HD video. DSLR's have a wide variety of expandable camera lenses. If you are a regular visitor to you know that I've spent hundreds of dollars on camera equipment I did not necessarily need. This is the price of being an … [Read more...]