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Switching To Grand Canyon Title: 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad

Switching To Grand Canyon Title

It’s Just Business

“You shouldn’t feel bad for switching your business to Grand Canyon Title”. That is what I am telling real estate agents here in Phoenix. I have to admit – I am blown away with the perceived separation anxiety some real estate agents face with moving from one title company to another, one escrow officer to another. It’s kind of funny. “I know I need this but my escrow officer was in my wedding! – I feel bad for leaving

The other day I was talking with an agent that came to one of our real estate marketing classes. This one was on video. In the 2 hour class we cover everything a real estate agent would need to know about using video in their real estate business. I’m talking: camera equipment, microphones, topics, technique, optimization, syndication, screencast, editing software, kinds of video and more.

Before I start the class I ask “who is not using Grand Canyon Title?” 80% of the room always raises their hand. Not surprising, there are over 60 title companies in Maricopa County and the largest has 10% marketshare. I continue: “I’m going to get up here and start talking about video, when I do you are naturally going to compare and contrast your current title company with Grand Canyon Title. Your current rep with me. I’m betting you will come to the realization that Grand Canyon Title has a better value proposition for your real estate business, for your clients than ANY other title company in the Phoenix valley.” Throughout the class I ask, “on a scale of 1-10, how am I doing?” The answer is always “GREAT!” I still have not figured out why real estate agents say “Great!” when I clearly asked “on a scale of 1 – 10″, but that is neither here, nor there.

By the end of the class, I ask another question: “who is going to use Grand Canyon Title on their next escrow?” In every class, all hands are raised – except one, one of the agents had a sister in escrow – Ok I get it – you can’t win them all. But what amazes me is the sense of loyalty that many agents have towards their current title company and how BAD they feel about switching. So today I want to talk about Why You shouldn’t feel bad about switching to Grand Canyon Title.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad

  • Escrow Service


    Service. Service is what title companies do, title insurance is a service. In my opinion, service is an expectation not a benefit. Service is table stakes to be in this or any business. Service is the foundation. I would submit to you that it’s not really service you have come to expect it’s a result. Close of escrow. Calls returned. Emails returned. A professional, presentable escrow officer. Yes – we have all of that.

  • Postcards


    Marketing. Your current title company is still offering it. We won’t help you MARKET or ADVERTISE, yourself as the BEST REALTOR-R-R-R in the WORLD-D-D-D, consumers have long ago tuned those messages out.  Your current title company is still offering mediums and tools YOU, YOURSELF don’t respond well to. I know you go home and open your mail over the garbage can, so does your ideal client, yet many title companies want to give you JUNK MAIL. Postcards, Flyers, Doorhangers etc. The new consumer is on the Internet. We will get you set up with a self hosted WordPress website and {get this} SHOW YOU how to use it. We will also teach you about the fundamentals of the web: SEO, Keyword Research as well as plugins, themes and more. Got Video? We will also teach you about video, video optimization, engagement, syndication, editing and more. We will show you how to get FOUND on the Internet where consumers will naturally look for you when they have a need. Remember, at the Consumer Electronics Show in December 2011, YouTube and CISCO said: “90% of all web traffic will be video“. We will get you ready.

Hub Marketing

Hub Marketing

  • Social Media. I have to tell you, I hate social media. That is I hate how it is often used in the real estate space. “Check out this GREAT listing!”, Call for a FREE CMA! Not Bank Owned! Not A Short Sale!” “I just sold  1,000 homes!” OMG, are you kidding me? Who cares? Let me help you with that one – NO ONE, least of all – your “FRIENDS”. They go to facebook to learn what is going on with their friends and family NOT to be SOLD to, regardless of what anyone else told you. That’s why companies have failed to monetize facebook and facebook ads. Yes, you can get leads from posting listings on your page, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while but at what cost? Your “friends”. Yes, social media is about engagement but are you engaging people that have no need for your services NOW or in the near FUTURE? We will show you how to drive TRAFFIC to your website using Social media. How to offer value and how to convert them into clients.


  • IDX. They don’t have one. An IDX or Internet Data Exchange allows consumers to search for homes on your real estate website. A website without an IDX is like a car without an ENGINE. While, any IDX will allow consumers to search for homes, the GetFoundIDX, will actually help them get there. Offered through PRO-Found Marketing, the GetFoundIDX is an Indexable IDX that will create thousands of indexable pages on your real estate website. In addition, the GetFoundIDX is the only IDX that supports video. You already know the benefits of video in real estate, now imagine video on the property detail pages consumers are landing on… Yeah!
  • Real Estate Postcards


    Direct Mail. I know what you are thinking, “didn’t you just say direct mail is JUNK MAIL?” Yes, I did – the way many other title companies are encouraging to use it. No one cares about a GLOSSY, JUMBO postcard with some GLAMOUR SHOT of you leaning on a SOLD sign. They don’t care about your designations or how great you say you are. You have not given them a reason to – yet. We will SHOW you how to use Direct Mail, not as SPAM but as a tool to communicate with your ideal client, consumers that actually need your services. Then we will show you how direct mail should be used: to drive traffic to your website. Not just your website, but a specific page on your website where they will learn HOW and WHY you are the solution to their problem. Direct mail is still an important part of growing your business IF it is used correctly.

Green Screen

  • Video Studio. They don’t have one. We will help you produce Green Screen videos that speak to the problems your ideal client faces, without that distracting background. We will help you edit your video to include visual calls to action that align with your message. We will help you tell a story. Green screen can also be used to shoot website introduction videos. Remember, when a consumer lands on your website, they still don’t know who you are. A website introduction video will welcome them and tell them how you or your website  will provide VALUE. As an added benefit, because it is a welcome video, consumers can see if you are being authentic, they can see that you care. Remember: 80% of what we say is communicated with our BODY LANGUAGE.
HD Real Estate Tours

Hey! Look At Me!

  • HD Real Estate Tours. You have seen that video on YouTube or facebook of a real estate agent walking around their latest listing with an iPhone, iPad or Droid. You know,  the one where there is a loud ECHO and it is so shaky it looks like there is an earth quake at the property – all while the agent is saying “um” and  “ah” and “ya know”  and while breathing heavily in the 120 Phoenix heat. Yeah, uh – we don’t do that. The HD Real Estate Tours we shoot are literally a work of art. Full HD 1080p and shot with the latest video tools: Full frame DSLR cameras, wireless mic’s, Cranes, and more. The result is a real estate video that really allows a consumer to “mentally move in” to your luxury listing. A video that will show other sellers HOW you will market their home. Remember – consumers prefer video. While we can’t guarantee anything, we’ve been known to get a video or two on page 1 of Google too :-).
  • Short Sale Division. I get it, you want someone to call the banks, stack your short sales and you want the ability to upload your files and check on the status of your short sale 24/7. Ok, you win – we have that too. Our Short Sale Division headed by Susan Rosenthal can be reached at 602.343.3432
  • Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes

    Real Estate Marketing Classes

    Marketing Classes: We don’t teach boring classes, we teach you HOW to leverage sales technologies to grow your real estate business. We teach on everything from WordPress, IDX, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Video, Editing, Optimization, Creating Content for the web, Engagement Practices, HUB Marketing, Keyword Research and more. Don’t see something you need to learn? Tell us and we will get right on it. Others teach WHY you should be using these tools to grow your business.

  • Help

    You’re Helping Them!

    You’re Helping Them. I know it sounds weird, you are probably thinking “how is me leaving XYZ title helping them?”  Well, you have likely heard me say “the best marketing is based upon pain points”. Pain your ideal client is facing. As humans we are motivated by avoiding pain. Example: There are people that smoke for 40 years, they have tried to quit 100, maybe even 1000 times with NO success. Finally when the doctor says “if you don’t quit NOW you will DIE of CANCER, you won’t see your kids or Grand Kids anymore”  – and they quit. Why? Because the PAIN of  continuing to smoke is GREATER THAN quitting. By leaving your existing title company you are forcing them to get BETTER. The pain of doing nothing, {continuing on the same path} is greater than learning how to truly help you! Isn’t that GREAT! 

  • Business

    It’s Business. Nothing Personal

    Business. Business as they say is Business. There is a reason it’s not called FUN. In business, my father told me long ago: “if you don’t have the best product on the market, get to who does”. Business is business, I feel we have the strongest value proposition among our competitors. I feel you can have the strongest value among yours as well. So don’t feel bad about switching to Grand Canyon Title, Today, leads to to the best marketers, not necessarily the best real estate agents.

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • Zach

    Stephen, I love what you are saying. I consider myself a value added Title Rep, but you are on value steroids. I really want to model my business after yours. Do you offer coaching??

    • Stephen Garner

      Hi Zach, I don’t know how I missed your comment, I apologize. I don’t offer coaching but you are welcome to call or email me any time you have questions about anything you see me do. WordPress, Video, PPC or otherwise. We will also be launching a series of webinars/online training because of the questions we are getting from outside of Phoenix. That should be in early next year. I’m here if you need me…