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How To Put On A Band Aid. Good VS Bad Real Estate Content

Real Estate Content Good vs Bad

Good Or Bad

If you clicked on the title “How To Put On A Band Aid” you must have been to before, you might even know that I am extremely sarcastic and rather bold. By “bold” I mean, I call it like I see it. Maybe that is why you clicked on such a boring, mundane, title “How To Put On A Band Aid”.  Who doesn’t know how to put on a band aid? To take it one step further – who is scouring the Internet – Google and or YouTube to learn how to put on a band aid?

No One That’s Who

What about the titles to your real estate posts and/or real estate videos? Are they so blatantly obvious and/or worthless that anyone who found it online, Google, Yahoo, Bing, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, YouTube would simply skip it?

Let me explain

If you have been to our real estate marketing classes you have heard me say “Content Is King”. CONTENT. But not ALL content. “How To Put On A Band Aid” is content but it is worthless, a waste of time. Again, who doesn’t know how to put on a band aid? There are certain qualities that separate GREAT real estate content from BAD real estate content. I have outlined them below.

Good Real Estate Content: Qualities

  • Doesn’t overtly SELL. This is a big one. After 11 years in title I can tell you that real estate agents love to sell – THEMSELVES. “ABR, CRS, GRI, Top Producer, Presidents Circle, #1 in my office”.
  • Is not overtly self promotional. You will know of you are doing this because most of your content will start or end with ME, MY, MYSELF or I
  • Tells a story. Whether I am writing a blog post or making a video all {or most} of my real estate content starts with a story. Stories are interesting and engaging. Stories help bring your audience closer, help them relate to you as a person instead of a salesperson. Stories also help eliminate fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  • Is written for the consumer not TO them. No one likes to be spoken at or talked at. Certainly not me. Have you ever read a book and thought “this applies directly to me?” How did you feel? You were most likely fully engaged in that book. Compare that to reading a book that is hard to grasp, that you can’t imagine or wrap your head around.
  • Educates and/or Informs. Great content teaches and informs. Great content shows your ideal client HOW TO do something or even avoid something.
  • Solves a problem. This is my favorite kind of content and {if written and optimized correctly} will position you and your business as the expert in your area. The best content addresses your ideal clients PAIN. Pain is an incredible motivator, humans will do almost anything to avoid it. By creating content that solves your ideal clients problem, they will naturally want to work with you.
  • Encourages feedback and/or action. We like to belong, I learned that a long time ago, we like to be wanted, it feels good. We like it when others ask our opinion. Great content asks for that. Something as simple as “how to you feel about …” can shift a consumer to your side, it can de commoditize the commodity that is the real estate agent. Great content also encourages action: share, comment, subscribe, download, click, call, email, tweet or buy.
  • Is relevant to your ideal client. How to avoid foreclosure in Atlanta doesn’t benefit me of I am in Phoenix, just like 4 bedroom 2 bath homes in Chandler doesn’t help me if I want to buy a condo in Scottsdale. Great content is written specifically for a specific audience or ideal client
  • Optimized. The best content in the world, meaning your content has all the qualities above,  isn’t going to help you much if your ideal client can’t find it. That means optimization. Great content has the right keywords and key phrases that your ideal client would enter into a search engine when looking for you or it. Part of getting your real estate content found is placing it in the right place. Where does your ideal client congregate? Facebook? Pinterest? Your email list? YouTube? Placing your content in the wrong place is like advertising on a HUGE bill board – with no roads or freeways around it

Good Real Estate Content: Keywords

Many real estate agents just starting in the content marketing space are told it’s all about keywords and keyword phrases – Phoenix Homes For Sale, Phoenix REALTOR, Chandler Homes For Sale etc. Two Words: IT’S NOT. In fact, if an “expert” tells you that, find another expert. In my experience, an expert at anything would never call themselves an expert anyway.

Good Real Estate Content: Mindset

You should focus on creating content that consumers want to read, not necessarily content that you want to create, there is a HUGE difference. Avoid keyword stuffing and tell the story. It’s not all about keywords, in fact, while I do pay attention to keyword trends {are search terms going UP or DOWN}, I do not obsess over them. I simply try and put myself into the shoes or mindset of my ideal client,  what would they look for? I also don’t obsess over keywords because over 50% of all keyword and keyword phrases are unique, they happen ONCE and NEVER happen again. The reason: people ask Google a question and everyone asks that question differently.


Remember, content is not just blog posts like this one, content is video, pictures, PDF’s, charts and graphs, homes for sale, podcasts. Still need help? If you are in Phoenix you can come to our real estate marketing classes or meet with one of the real estate marketing professionals at Grand Canyon Title. Unlike other title companies that will tell you WHY you should be doing something, we can show you HOW because we do it day in and day out in our own business. So did I mess any? What other qualities does great real estate content have? Please leave your comments below – I can learn from you too ya know…

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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