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Using Video In Real Estate – How To Use Video

Ways To Use Video Real Estate

Are you using video in real estate? You will be. In fact - if you know me you know already that I say it like it is. At least how I see it anyway. Ready? You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be out of it. The real estate business that is. Yep - I said it. There are many ways you can use video in your real estate business - to communicate, convey value, build trust ad rapport and get found online. I've listed a few of them below. Video For … [Read more...]

Protected: Discovering YouTube Video Tags. How To Steal Your Competitors Traffic. {Video Tutorial}

Video thumbnail for youtube video Discovering YouTube Video Tags. How To Steal Your Competitors Traffic. {Video Tutorial} - My Title Guy

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

REALTORS: Why The Articles You’re Sharing Are Hurting You

Real Estate Marketing

Thursday night. I'm home. Relaxing. No video editing, no social media, no wife, she went out with her friends - you GO girl! It was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing night at home with the kids. Notice I said "supposed to". That all changed with a message from a client on Linkedin. In the realm of social media, Linkedin is kind of the red headed step-child, at least it is in the real estate space. It seems like most REALTORS navigate more towards Facebook. Back to that … [Read more...]

Switching To Grand Canyon Title: 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad

Switching To Grand Canyon Title

"You shouldn't feel bad for switching your business to Grand Canyon Title". That is what I am telling real estate agents here in Phoenix. I have to admit - I am blown away with the perceived separation anxiety some real estate agents face with moving from one title company to another, one escrow officer to another. It's kind of funny. "I know I need this but my escrow officer was in my wedding! - I feel bad for leaving" The other day I was talking with an agent that came … [Read more...]

Marketing Is DEAD! – Especially In Real Estate

Marketing Is Dead

I was reading an article the other day, titled "Marketing Is Dead". It wasn't emailed to me, it wasn't in a newsletter, door hanger, postcard or flyer in fact - it wasn't even in print. I found it - on Twitter. At first when I saw the title I chuckled to myself and thought "OK, what idiot said that!? Of COURSE marketing is not dead!" . After all, I am in marketing - and if you are in real estate sales - you are as well. I started reading the article just waiting to poke … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of “MyTitleGuy” – Radio Interview With The Golf Realty Network

Video For Real Estate

{MP4 Below}. They say "Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention". This is the story of how MyTitleGuy was created and why. 4 years ago I had a problem. A career ending problem. I went from being one of the top title reps at every title company I worked for in Phoenix to nothing. Almost over night. The reason... The housing bubble had burst. 80% of the deals in Phoenix were distressed - REO or Short Sale. I went from a healthy book of business, real estate agents that … [Read more...]

Do You Own Your Real Estate Business? You Could Be Making A HUGE Mistake

Video thumbnail for youtube video Do You Own Your Real Estate Business? You Could Be Making A HUGE Mistake - My Title Guy

Do you own it? Over the course of my 11 years in the title insurance industry in Phoenix I have seen so many real estate agents making a HUGE mistake when it comes to their real estate business. They come to the real estate marketing classes we teach on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, SEO/SEM, Video and when I say "You need to OWN IT!" there is always an agent that raises their hand and says "I learned that the hard way".  Some of them are still trying … [Read more...]

Short Sale Phoenix Home BEFORE January 1st 2013 – Mortgage Debt Relief Act 2007

The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007

If you are upside down or "underwater" in your Phoenix home and are considering a short sale you may want to get the ball rolling now. The reason - debt relief. Specifically The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007. A short sale is essentially selling your Phoenix home for less than what you currently owe on your loan or loans. Basically you are trying to get the lien holders {mortgage company} to settle for a lesser amount than what they are owed. There is a short sale … [Read more...]

Why NOW Is A Great Time To Sell Your Phoenix Home

Housing Market In Phoenix

You have wanted to sell your Phoenix home, but it seems like EVERYONE told you to wait. They said things like "now not a good time to sell, prices are still too low, buyers can't get financing, foreclosures are dragging the Phoenix market down" and on and on and on. Everyone it seems is an expert on the Phoenix housing market. Hello, I'm Stephen Garner with Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix Arizona and if you like change - come to Phoenix. The housing market, once … [Read more...]

How To Put On A Band Aid. Good VS Bad Real Estate Content

Real Estate Content Good vs Bad

If you clicked on the title "How To Put On A Band Aid" you must have been to before, you might even know that I am extremely sarcastic and rather bold. By "bold" I mean, I call it like I see it. Maybe that is why you clicked on such a boring, mundane, title "How To Put On A Band Aid".  Who doesn't know how to put on a band aid? To take it one step further - who is scouring the Internet - Google and or YouTube to learn how to put on a band aid? No One That's … [Read more...]