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“The Spider and the Fly” Amazing! But Does It Miss The Mark?

The Spider and the Fly

AMAZING! Or Miss The Mark?

I saw a real estate video for a mansion in Malibu, California yesterday. It was AMAZING. The coloring – perfect. Camera work – perfect. Editing, lighting, audio, music, placement, actors – perfect. I saw the perfect video, yet – did it miss the mark?


I can hear you already, “Stephen, are you stupid? Crazy?… how can a video that you yourself said was PERFECT miss the mark?”

Let me explain….

The video, titled “The Spider and the Fly” a 3:46 MASTERPIECE, is making its rounds on the Internet right now. Many of the guru’s and experts in the real estate space are putting it up an an AMAZING video, a video that you, as a real estate agent or REALTOR® should possibly take note of, a video that shows what’s possible when you use video in your real estate business. It is. Yet. . the experts may be wrong on this one.

I’m not a fan of experts. Especially in the real estate space. Many of them have no credibility as they do not and have not done the things they encourage YOU to do! I taught a video class the other day where a REALTOR® said, “so, you are the video expert!” . My answer – “Nope just a guy that knows a little of this and that about this and that”. I would NEVER call myself an expert, – in anything – even though you can bet I know more about WordPress, SEO, SEM, Video, Editing, Optimization and Syndication than any of my competitors in the real estate space. There is always someone out there that knows more about something, than me, even though I may know more about it than you.

I’m not an expert. I’m a consumer. At the end of the day that is who our marketing is trying to attract right? When I make real estate videos for my clients listings, website, introduction videos, interviews, screencasts, WHATEVER – when I help them with their real estate marketing I always look at the marketing message not from the REALTORS® perspective but the consumers. What would the consumer what to see or know? What questions would the consumer have about this or that? Does this video, article, interview, screencast – answer them? If the answer is “NO”, then no matter how good the video quality is, no matter how good the audio is, no matter how good the story or lighting is, the acting – if the video does not educate, inform or answer a question – then in my opinion, it misses the mark. See “The Spider and the Fly” below.

The “Spider and the FLY” is A-MAZ-ING. The director did an AMAZING job, the producer did an AMAZING job, the editors did an AMAZING job, the score is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They all did an AMAZING job. The video is BEAU-TI-FUL. I felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie trailer! There is no way in HELL that I could do a better job than this, NOT EVEN CLOSE nor do I know anyone that could, in fact – EVERYONE I know that makes a living in video COMBINED could not make a better quality video, yet the video in my opinion, misses the mark.

In my opinion, as a consumer – the best real estate video’s educate and inform about the product – the home. The best ones tell a story. While “The Spider and the Fly” certainly told a story, a good one too, after watching the video – what can you tell me about this house? How many bedrooms there are? Bathrooms? What did they look like? Square feet? Location? What is the house near? Are there appliances? What kind? How big is the kitchen? Is there an office or den? How big/small? Is there Granite? Marble? Where? A great video will allow the ideal client to mentally move in to the property, there just wasn’t enough about the home for me to imagine anything.

If “The Spider and the Fly” was a movie trailer I say “a perfect 10! – Amazing! Unbelievable!, I want to see that movie” As a video about a home that a consumer wants to learn more about, “what are the features and benefits?” I think it misses the mark. It simply left out {in my opinion} the most important information – what are the features and benefits of the HOUSE?

Marketing Takeaway: My advice

If you are a REALTOR®, stop putting so much stock in what the real estate “experts” and real estate websites say is good and bad, what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. The real estate industry encourages “modeling”, – taking what someone else is doing and applying it your real estate business. Modeling isn’t always good. At the end of the day, evaluate what you are being told to do with your CONSUMER hat on – leave your REALTOR® hat off. Ask yourself, “as a consumer, would I respond to this or that? Would I find value in it? Would I want to contact the REALTOR® for more information or HELP?” If the answer is “NO” – Don’t do it! I find many experts in the real estate space are not experts at all, merely persuasive speakers often put upon a pedestal unjustly.

I’m certainly willing to be wrong on this but am I? Is “The Spider and the Fly” an AMAZING real estate video or did it miss the mark?


Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • markbrian

    I have to agree the video is great but fails to communicate the features, benefits and advantages of this home as well as it should have. 

    • Stephen Garner

      Thanks for stopping by Mark. The video is amazing! But at the end of the day it did not make me more educated about this property. I couldn’t even tell you how many stories there were. Looks like the real estate mouth pieces missed this one “wide right”

  • Charlie

    Stephen – Yeah, what do you know, you’re just a title guy . . . .; )  

    I have to agree, but disagree at the same time. Keep in mind who the buyer of this home is? What do I know I’m just a realtor in Colorado. But I  might guess they have money. Lots of money. Malibu. Pretty eccentric area right. Ostentatious? Maybe. A “look at me” area. Come on it’s southern Cal. 

    So does it show us the home? Yes, in a provocative way. Does it make you want to see more? Yes. Does it make you want to live that life?  I’m guessing yes. So this video give you a glimpse of the quality of this home and it also gives you the impression that, “if you buy this home, this will be your life too.”  Now that might make the phone ring. 

    Yes, it hit a great mark. Right in the bullseye. 

    • Stephen Garner

      Thanks Charlie, I can see your point of view, it may be just enough to peak interest and make the phone ring. Of course, we are in awe of that house because it’s not in our price range, at least not in mine. I see that big shower and think WOW! To them a shower like that might be “normal”. It was a 3:46 minute masterpiece as far as I am concerned but that time could have been used to really show the benefits of that house….. And you’re right, what do I know :-) Thanks Charlie

      • Charlie

        Half of this game of selling real estate is just to create the buzz and get people talking. And that alone could generate a sale which is what it’s all about. 

        • Stephen Garner

          You know Charlie that is something I had honestly not considered. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, on that alone this video did a great job. It might create enough buzz for come well to do socialite to want it for that alone: “did you see that video of the girl and that guy and the dog and the wine? I know you don’t remember the house (because the video really didn’t show it off) but I own it…. :-) LOL

  • Nick Carpenter

    They seemed to show a lot of the benefits while focusing on the lifestyle. If you go back and watch and the video and take note of all the homes features that are shown from the outdoor kitchen, steam shower, second story balcony, etc.  Thanks for showing me the video!

    • Stephen Garner

      Thanks Nick. There was certainly some features and benefits shown in the video. From watching it, I know its a 2 story house with  a tennis court, wine room, tv room, large shower and kitchen but don’t most houses in the $35 million range all have those features and benefits?

  • Rudy Bachraty

    100% agree. In my opinion it was overproduced for our vertical and did not connect with me as a home buyer at all.

    • Stephen Garner

      Thanks for your comment Rudy, it is a beautiful home but at $35 M wouldn’t those features be standard? Either way, the video was a masterpiece but I can’t tell you anything substantive about the house…..